“Nothing more, nothing less…”

Yes, it’s the obligatory anniversary post. 5 years ago, I married my best friend…And we haven’t killed each other yet! The one person in the world who knows everything about me, and still loves me anyway.

It’s rather nice knowing there’s someone out there who’ll always have your back.

And in case anyone’s wondering, that Madness song is what we used for our first dance–Watch the video, though. The 80’s dancing (and hair and outfits) is something else! I think everyone wore black blazers back then…I know my mom did!

I feel kind of bad….Not only did I get the ice cream maker as an anniversary gift, I also got this:

Nothing says “Happy Anniversary” to a geektard girl like some MST3K. And due to some semi-unfortunate timing, I’m also going to this tonight:

Hairball. Jay got the tickets through work, but he doesn’t want to go. So I’m going with Allison, her husband and some people he works with. I wasn’t as into hair bands as most of my friends and my sister were, but I can appreciate them. I know a bunch of people who went last year and had a blast, and I’ve heard other people talk about how good they are. We’ll see. I haven’t been to a concert since Jay and I saw Social Distortion while I was pregnant, so it should be fun.

I haven’t yet gotten Jay a gift, though…Which is where the guilty feelings are coming from. I’ll figure out something, though!

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