“I dare pretend I’m more than I seem…”

Well, my mom’s on her way back to Ohio now…You’d think that being a parent myself now, and being almost 36 years old, I could send one of my parents off at the airport without bawling, but no. I didn’t cry as hard as I have in the past, but I already miss my mom and wish she could’ve spent another week here. I’m also hoping that maybe next summer, we can roadtrip out to Ohio so I can see friends and family.

And since I was feeling a little blue, Jay and I opted to do our anniversary dinner tonight, since there wasn’t really time to go out last Friday night.

Guadalajara to the rescue!

A margarita was necessary, both because I’m sad for missing my mom, but it’s a nice cap-off to my last vacation day for awhile. It’s back to the grind tomorrow! But in the meantime, I enjoyed my chicken flautas:

I could eat these just about everyday. I should start making them at home, though. Healthier and money-saving, after all, right?

After we finished with dinner, we popped over to the store so I could pick up a few things:

New beauty treats. The mascara was a necessity, because I ended up giving my mom my only tube of it–She’d forgotten hers at home. It’s my mom, so I would’ve been fine re-using it, but I’ve also had pinkeye twice, and I just didn’t want to tempt fate about getting it again. And I also hadn’t used it in long enough that my mom said it was drying out anyway (my allergies have been really bad lately, as we haven’t had much rain since I don’t even remember when!).

I did enough cooking while my mom was here that we have TONS of leftovers. I don’t really have to cook until at least Thursday, maybe even Friday! I do think tomorrow night I might make some cupcakes, even though I have a big bucket of ice cream in the freezer. I just feel the need to bake. I also might borrow an Iowa Girl Eats recipe, and make some Spaghetti Carbonara, even though I just made spaghetti last night. It just looks too good!

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5 Replies to ““I dare pretend I’m more than I seem…””

  1. I saw her spaghetti carbonara recipe. YUM. But the whole egg thing scared me, raw eggs as sauce? I guess they cook enough in the pan to not be dangerous tho…let us know how it is!

    I cried when my mom left a week after my baby was born, its amazing how much I still need her sometimes!

    • Yeah, I’m never thrilled about raw eggs either, but I’m guessing between the hot pasta, the pasta water, and residual heat from the pan, they must cook enough. I’ll let you know what I think, though!

      Even my son keeps telling me how sad he is now that Grandma’s gone…Guess I’ll just have to start saving up for a trip home next year!

    • I hate that I don’t even get to see my family for long stretches at a time! It’s been over a year since I’ve seen my dad, and I don’t remember the last time I saw my older sister.