“I just want to bang on the drum all day…”

I think I’ve enjoyed my recent vacations a little TOO much…Today feels like a Monday, but at least I have a short week, and I don’t have to work this weekend.

The day has been long…But I guess you’ll have that. I’m feeling all weird and maudlin today. Part of it is that I miss my mom, and I wish I had the time and money to go and see my dad. Part of it is stuff I can’t really discuss here, but I am excited for Saturday, since that’s the night of Katie and Ernie’s Annual Halloween Party! I still need to get my costume figured out, though.

Because today was just kind of bumming me out, I decided against cooking. Jay got himself a Swanson Lonely Meal, while the bambino and I got Culver’s.

A burger for me, corndog for the bambino. And a chocolate shake.

For me, that is. The bambino had chocolate milk.

I got a nice surprise in the mail.

Even though I’m not really good enough to be one of Punchfork’s publishers (not yet anyway), I have a soft spot for them because they included me on their United States of Food Bloggers list. And when they mentioned they had stickers available, I asked for a few.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do with them yet, but I’ll figure out something!

In a couple weeks, I’m having a Norwex party–Allison’s become a consultant, and I’ve agreed to leave parts of the house dirty, so she can demonstrate. I hate leaving my kitchen dirty, if I know people will be coming over, but I’m sure as hell not leaving the bathroom uncleaned! That’s just nasty. I should work on filling out my invites, and figuring out what I’m going to serve for food!

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2 Replies to ““I just want to bang on the drum all day…””

  1. Hey there, I found your link on socialmoms.net and thought I’d come check it out.

    Thanks to you, I just discovered PunchFork!!! Wow. Awesome. :) Now I’m lost in recipe land and getting hungry (and it’s currently 11:25 PM here…).

    Have a good one, and thanks for the link! I’m just getting started with my blog, you can find me here myronette.com

    (sorry if this is a double post comment, I am not sure if my first try went through??)

    • Thanks for stopping by!

      I had no idea Punchfork existed until I started getting hits from them, then went to check out why & found that United States list. I thought it was pretty cool, and I love visiting their site for meal ideas.

      And no worries about the double post–I’m off to check out your blog now!