Happiness is a warm plate of pasta…

It’s been an emotional roller coaster of a day…Without posting someone else’s business all over the internets, let me just rail at the fact that I will never understand why children have to die. Before anyone back home flips out, mine is perfectly fine, thank the gods. He’s sitting in his chair in the living room, munching some M&Ms while watching one of his many dinosaur documentaries. Parents should never have to bury their children, and I know it happens, and my heart breaks for anyone who ever has to go through something like that.

It also started off rather chilly:

But it warmed up fairly nicely by the time Katie and I went out for our walk at lunch time. All day long I wanted nothing more than to come home, hug my boy, and dive into some pasta. I decided I’d give the Spaghetti Carbonara Iowa Girl Eats posted about a couple days ago.

I actually (mostly) used the original recipe she linked to, but (obviously) like her, I used bacon and Parmesan, rather than pancetta and Romano. I picked up some shaved Parmesan this time–Just because I’ve never come across it before, and I was hoping the shavings would melt into the sauce a little easier.

I also decided some vino would go very nicely with tonight’s meal:

I originally took this bottle over to Allison’s the evening of Hairball, but we didn’t end up opening it. When I got back to work yesterday, it was sitting underneath my desk!

I just have to say how much I like this wine tool–It belonged to my grandmother Pauline, and it works better than anything else I’ve used to open wine. I had some while I finished cooking the pasta.

I told Jay that this was exactly what I needed today.

If pasta could be a warm bear hug, this would be it. This, the vino, and a couple slices of chewy bread made an otherwise not-so-great day pretty good. Jay got me a package of Reese’s Cups, so they were my dessert. And now I really need to fill out my Norwex invitations, since I spaced that off last night! Oops!

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