Party time!

Well, sadly, my Van’s giveaway was a bit of a flop, as I only had one actual entry–My friend Erin. By default, she wins! And because I said two people would win the coupons, and I was talking to Jen about it at work yesterday, I’m going to give her a set as well (even though she forgot to enter!). I suppose it’s a sign that I should maybe lay off the giveaways or something for awhile. No matter.

It’s funny that I wouldn’t actually mind doing more giveaways or reviews, but I’ve been rather hit or miss with them. Usually, the companies I attempt to contact just never answer my emails (The exceptions have been Van’s and Rudi’s Organic Bakery. The folks at both those companies were awesome to work with). I even re-activated my account with My Blog Spark, but I still haven’t seen much of anything from them. And yet, I see all these mommy or coupon/lifestyle bloggers giving away prize packs from them every day (yes, I Google to see what’s out there. Yes, I am that lame). Maybe that’s my problem…I don’t fit the mommy blogger mold, I don’t exactly have a “lifestyle” blog, I just like to cook and to bake (although I see plenty of those folks getting freebies too). It’s funny how the blogging world feels a bit like high school–Everyone has their little blogging cliques (HLBs, mommies, etc.)…And just like high school, I’m a bit of an anomaly…I fit in everywhere and nowhere at the same time! I’m not ashamed to admit–I want the freebies. I’m poor and I live in the middle of nowhere,  and fairly soon, my travel to the metropolis that is Sioux Falls will be put on its annual weather-restricted 6-month hold, which means I’m limited in searching out new products and food stuffs. Oh well.

Katie and Ernie’s annual Halloween party is this evening, but because I procrastinate, I waited until yesterday to go look for a costume. Actually, Katie and I both waited, and wound up going to the Party Depot (a party/costume supply shop here in town) over our lunch break to look around. I should’ve gotten something then, but I was mulling over a flapper outfit, a 50’s sock-hop dress, or a lime wedge. After we got back to work, I thought that if I got the lime wedge, I could also just go get a bottle of tequila and a salt shaker to complete the outfit (and some real limes in case anyone wanted to do shots). Of course, when I went back to the Party Depot after work, the lime wedge was gone. It took awhile before I found something I would actually wear–A nun’s costume. I’m not thrilled with the habit, so I might pop back over this afternoon to get a different one. I just hate the fact that almost all the women’s costumes are slutty/skanky, low-cut world’s-shortiest-skirt nonsense! I wouldn’t even wear some of this crap around the house let alone out in public! If I want to be Little Red Riding Hood, I want a red cloak, a basket, and something that looks like an actual alpine dirndl, NOT something all sexified and see-through. Same thing if I’m going to be Alice in Wonderland, or Snow White. Ugh. Jay and I decided that next year, we’re going to save up for decent costumes (we’re tossing around the ideas of Indy/Marian, BSG characters, or Basil & Sybil Fawlty–Which I think would be absolutely hysterical).

Jay wanted to get up and do yoga this morning, but it was about 90 minutes after I woke up (to the sounds of the bambino yelling about having to go to the bathroom) that he came downstairs, and by that point, I’d lost interest in anything other than breakfast. That, and it’s another chilly one out:

Brr. As long as that stays ABOVE 0°F I’m okay. Still, the last thing I felt like doing was putting on yoga clothes and stretching out. Instead, I felt like diving into a couple of these:

When we were younger, these things (the regular cinnamon rolls–Cinnabon ones weren’t around yet) were a treat for my sister Kendra and I, and between the two of us, we’d polish off an entire cardboard tube of them. We’d also fight over the icing, and who got to lick the lid, and who got to clean out the inside of the plastic tub. I forget now how we ended up sharing it…One of us would frost them and then get either the lid or the tub.

I wish whenever I made cinnamon rolls, mine would look that uniform. They usually look more like this:

Or worse. I made some sausage to go with them:

It does help to read the directions on the package. We deviated from our usual brand (Jones) and bought some Jimmy Dean, which I don’t mind. But the Jones we get is frozen, and the Jimmy Dean wasn’t. Big difference in cooking techniques! The bambino thought they were too spicy, though, so instead, he polished off two of those Grands! I guess I can’t blame him…They look pretty good, right?

They tasted decent as well. When I went to frost them, I did like I used to do if I got the lid, and licked off the frosting stuck to it. It tasted a little “off.” Once it was on the rolls, it tasted perfectly fine, which got me to thinking about what must go into making food products like this. How much chemistry it takes to ensure that the icing matches perfectly once it’s spread on the cinnamon rolls, and vice versa. Alone, the cinnamon mixture inside tastes a little bland and oily or greasy. But with the dough and the icing, it’s excellent. It also got me thinking about how, if I made similar cinnamon rolls here at home, maybe with some puff pastry and homemade cream cheese frosting, and my own cinnamon-sugar mixture, I could eat each component separately. I’d eat puff pastry by the sheet any day. And cinnamon-sugar? Mix it with some warm, melted butter, and it’s practically a dessert itself! Same with homemade cream cheese frosting. Mmmm…frosting.

Sorry–Didn’t mean to go off on that tangent there. I think that’s a sign that I need some more coffee, so I can focus! I probably should go to the grocery store sometime today, since Jay and the bambino will need something to eat if I go to Katie’s early. And I need to go get myself a new habit!

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8 Replies to “Party time!”

  1. Oh boy. I wrote a whole post about “blog cliques” but I was afraid to publish it. So it’s still in my drafts folder collecting dust. And I’m personally not a giveaway fan. I don’t like entering them and I don’t like hosting them. But you, my friend, are way beyond all those “cliquey” bloggers. You know better ;)

    • I wouldn’t want to make my blog totally giveaway-focused…I think that’s annoying. But if I find things I like, I like to share them. Plus, I do think when done right, giveaways can be fun…This last one, not so much, though!

      And I totally would love to see your take on blogging cliques…I’d be willing to bet it’s probably very close to mine!

  2. I don’t even remember how I happened to find your blog, but I LOVE it. It’s not clique-y at all, just all around fun, venting, and food. (I enjoy all those things!)

    • Thanks Stacie. :) I’ve always been one of those people who never really fit in anywhere, but had friends in all sorts of groups–I’m still that way! I consider myself a floater, if you will.

  3. Yes, it is strange how some blogs rise to 20K reader status, I just don’t get it!

    • I don’t get it either…Especially when there’s nothing else but “Oh, here’s my breakfast.” “And here’s my lunch.” “And here’s our dinner out at some restaurant that most people could afford maybe once a month.”

  4. I buy these cinnamon rolls everytime they are on sale. Me, Joe & the kids love them. I’ve never tried to make any myself I’m too lazy. Maybe I’ll try when I get my life back in a couple of years.

    • They’re not too hard…My sister Shelley rolls out bread dough, then sprinkles the cinnamon-sugar-butter mix, rolls them up & cuts them. I don’t think she does any icing, but they don’t need them. I like using puff pastry just because it’s flaky. And I like icing. :)