So many recipes, so little time…

Katie and Ernie’s party was much fun.  We watched a couple awful horror movies (and I do mean awful…Child’s Play was the best of the bunch, if that tells you anything), had some drinks and food, and some fun conversation. My nun costume was alright:

The wimple or whatever it’s called was driving me crazy…Had the party not be mostly Ernie’s friends, I would’ve taken the thing off after an hour, not caring how my hair looked. However, I didn’t know all that many people, so I left it on until I left. Melissa gave me a ride home, and as soon as we got to the car, I ripped the thing off.

I am having the mother of all allergy attacks today…I would give anything for a good rain right now, just to wash away the dust and whatever else is flying around the air. Ugh! I didn’t really look forward to Sunday dinner, just because my in-laws have cats, and my nose is already going haywire without cat dander floating about! I thought a shower would help, but it didn’t seem to do much of anything regarding my allergies (I’m squeaky clean, now, though!). Hopefully this doesn’t last too long. I feel like putting my face on a train track or cutting off my nose or something. And gouging out my eyes, so they stop itching.

I spent a good chunk of the morning looking around online for recipes. I was going to make something for dinner tonight, but we have a buttload of leftovers that need to be eaten. I’ve already had to throw out two containers of former meals (when they get to the point where I can’t recall when I made them, it’s time for them to go), and there’s a third that will be on its way out soon too (as soon as I get my behind away from the computer and into the kitchen). We waste entirely too much food in this house, and I get tired of it. I’m guilty of not making us eat leftovers (although that’s usually where my lunch comes from), but Jay always tells me to save stuff, then forgets about it. I ought to get a little better about re-purposing leftovers.

But as I said, I found a bunch of recipes I want to try, if I had the ingredients, and more time. A few of them are just basic pasta recipes and skillets from Hunts, but I found a slow-cooker Italian beef recipe I want to try. I love anything made in the crock pot. I also have dessert recipes I want to try, and other odds and ends. All in good time, I guess. But this is why I wish I’d win the lottery or something. I’d have more time to work on all the recipes I keep accumulating.

In spite of the fact that I can’t stop sneezing, and I feel like scratching my face off, I made cupcakes this afternoon. The Peanut Butter & Co. ones Jay bought me a few weeks ago. I like the fact that the ingredient list is full of things I can pronounce without difficulty:

And for a boxed mix, that’s pretty good.The box says it makes eight large cupcakes or thirty mini ones. I wasn’t feeling up to dealing with the mini cupcake pans, so I made regular cupcakes. I managed to get 11 cupcakes:

I couldn’t get over how dark and chocolatey they looked:

I made the frosting, which turned out really creamy–Moreso than I was expecting.

And it figures that the one time I have more than enough frosting to actually decorate cupcakes, I didn’t bother with it. The bambino wanted me to get out a piping bag as I was putting the batter into the cupcake liners and I had to tell him to wait.

I do like a cupcake with a lot of frosting. And even though I couldn’t really taste it, I ate one anyway. I could taste the peanut butter in the frosting…Unfortunately I couldn’t taste the chocolate in the cake itself. Hopefully tomorrow I can. I’m off to bed now, where I hopefully get some sleep and shake off whatever the hell is irritating the bejeezus out of me!

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11 Replies to “So many recipes, so little time…”

  1. I hope you feel better soon. I cooked this weekend too. Daughter tired of “freezer food”. I have to say, throwing out food is a huge no no. The thing to do is make a list of what you have and when you need to eat it. I HATE to throw food away. I just kind of keep it in the front of the fridge. Lately it is not a problem because I dont’ have anything else in my fridge but left overs!

    • I am feeling better today. It was incredibly windy yesterday which must have stirred up all sorts of stuff. That’s the only thing I can think of that would’ve bothered me that much.

      Yeah, I need to find a better system for leftovers…Or start working on better portion-sizing or something so we just don’t have leftovers!

      • Its hard not too, and its even harder not to get sick of them. If I can, I freeze things before they go bad and that helps a lot. Tonight, I had left overs and will have more yet again tomorrow for lunch. I think tomorrow night I will put the chicke and rice in the freezer for a ready to take to work lunch.
        Now tomorrow, I will make soft tacos / burritos for dinner and that will go fast! My kid can eat burritos every meal!
        Glad you are feeling better!

        • I need to do more of that–But then I forget what’s in my freezer! Burritos or soft tacos sound awesome–I need to put some Mexican on my menu for next week!

          • LOL… I am sitting here eating my rice and chicken thinking.. yup def. ready for the freezer.

            I have not been a huge shopper lately and I can actually see what is in my fridge and freezer and that helps!

          • My freezer’s packed…My fridge, not so much! I’ll do a little stocking up probably over the weekend when I go shopping again.

  2. I love Zyrtec or Allegra for my allergies. And even though it doesn’t say so on the box, you CAN take more than one in a day. My mom’s allergist specifically told her that if one doesn’t work, take another. What I find works best is if I take a Zyrtec in the morning and an Allegra at night (or vice versa). I hope you can get some real relief!

    • I might try taking an Allegra in the evening…Although, we’re finally supposed to get some rain tonight, so maybe that will help a bit! I think I am going to try doing one in the morning and another at night, and see if that clears up or helps out a bit!

      • Costco has a brand Kirkland that is way cheaper and it works just as well. I converted from Zyrtec and I was a die hard. ;-)

        • Alas, we have no Costco’s here on the prairie! I actually have a prescription for it & 3 months’ worth of the generic stuff is only about $20. That’s not too bad at all!

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