One more week to go….

Okay, I know that I snark on people who make a big deal out of their birthdays…For one, chances are, you’re not the only person in the history of the world born on that day. For another, I’m not that self-centered that I need to make everything ALL ABOUT MEEEEE. And it is true that the older you get, the less birthdays become a big deal (well, for most people anyway. I do know some folks my age who still act like 5-year-olds when it comes to their birthdays…Which becomes a little ridiculous when you’re pushing 40). And while I did throw myself a party for my 35th last year, it was more just to have people come over and eat and drink with me–I honestly was a little surprised that my friends brought gifts! That being said, I’m starting to get a little excited because I can actually get myself some birthday presents this year, and not pay bills or buy groceries (which is generally what I end up doing with any birthday money). First and foremost, I’m finally going to get myself a stand mixer:

Yes, I’m going with the one from Breville. As I told my mom in previous comments, I don’t need all the attachments that come with a Kitchen Aid. And I don’t have to buy a separate blade scraper with this one.

I’ve also figured out that I can also afford myself a new purse (the Poppy Tartan Foldover Crossbody, as I can’t get the individual link to work). And a new wallet/wristlet (the Poppy Tartan Large Wristlet). Because one can never have too much plaid. And my poor messenger bag is looking a little haggard, although I love it because it’s large enough to carry all my crap–Including all the blogging stuff (that would just be the business cards and my little camera).  I did decide though, that the purse is secondary….I’ll order the mixer first, and if I have enough after that, THEN I will order the purse and wristlet. Otherwise, whatever remains is going in the Olympus Fund. Unless of course they still want to send me a PEN….It’d make a nice birthday present (just sayin’…)!

I skipped going to Jay’s folks’ for Sunday dinner this week…Thanks to Daylight Savings Time, I had all the laundry done before 11:15 this morning. However, I am in the midst of some horrific allergy/sinus attack that is kicking my ass even worse than last week’s did! I don’t know if it’s because we’re in a wind tunnel (again) today, or because I dusted off the elliptical (yes, I had every intention of using it this morning, however DST did not agree with the bambino, who was promptly awake and alert by about 6:05 this morning), and any dust that didn’t cling to my Swiffer went straight up my nose, but I am MISERABLE right now. The ibuprofen is finally kicking in, but my upper jaw hurts like a mofo, and any time I swallow (be it saliva or the hot tea I’m sipping), my ears plug up. At least I’ve stopped sneezing for the time being. I’m sure my mouth-breathing is real attractive right now too. I refuse to go the neti pot route–I don’t care how many people claim it helps, I just can’t get past the notion that I’m water-boarding myself. I have a hard enough time using my saline spray (not that it’s doing any good anyway). So Jay took the bambino over to see his parents while I stayed home and wallowed in sinusitis and allergic rhinitis misery.

Once they got back, I made us venture out again for medication:

I meant to grab actual Halls, not just the Vitamin C drops, but they do still help clear my sinues–Not as much as I’d like. That’s desperation for you. I did at least get the good drugs that actually work from behind the pharmacy counter. I do find it annoying that I have to show my ID every time I get a sinus infection. Thank you, meth heads for ruining it for the rest of us.

I did manage (once the drugs kicked in) to clean up the kitchen a bit and make dinner:

The quesadillas I meant to make last night. They were decent enough. I have enough cheese and steak to make one more if I want something to take in my lunch tomorrow. Assuming I go to work. I’m debating on calling in…I’m going to wait and see how I feel in the morning after going to bed early. If I feel like I do right now, there’s no way in hell I’m going in. I’m hopeful that it’ll be like last week and I’ll feel better once I get some rest…I have pumpkin whoopie pies I need to bake tomorrow night!

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6 Replies to “One more week to go….”

  1. Oh how I love buying a new purse! I’ll have to settle for my diaper bag for now, but I suppose getting a snazzy new wallet would suffice.

    “water boarding” lol. Never tried the neti pot, sounds interesting though. Feel better!

    • I’m one of those people who gets a purse and sticks with it until it pretty much falls apart. The messenger bag I have is a Kate Spade one my husband bought me for Christmas the year we got married, and it’s mostly in good shape. It’s just looking a bit worn. I do get sucked in by anything plaid, and it’s been about a year, if not longer since I bought a new bag. I think I’m due. :)

      My husband is one who swears by the neti pot–He claims the first couple times it does feel like inhaling water, but you quickly get over that. I don’t buy it, though!

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