Sick & Tired

No, really. I’m sick, and I slept like crap last night, so I am very tired. I felt like I didn’t sleep at all last night–If I wasn’t rolling to one side for drainage purposes, I was getting up with the bambino, who felt really warm throughout the night. Sure enough, when I took his temperature this morning, it was 99.1°F, which isn’t enough for him to be really sick, but it’s enough that daycare would send him home anyway. And I can tell he’s out of sorts–Easily frustrated and more mellow and snuggly than normal. So I called in. I do feel slightly guilty about it, especially because it’s a short week anyway, and I’m taking off early on Thursday to do food prep for my Norwex party. But I also dislike it when fellow coworkers come in and they’re obviously sick, so I stay home (unless I have statements or meeting packets to prepare) and try not to spread my illness around.

I did have enough energy to fix breakfast–The Baked Oatmeal recipe my mom emailed me last week. I might not be able to breathe, but I still need to eat! And a warm bowl of oats sounded perfect this morning.

I usually use the baked oatmeal recipe I found on Macheesmo about a year ago. But my mom found this online and emailed it to me–She does that a lot with recipes she thinks I’ll like. She’s also responsible for sending me the recipe for the sweet potato biscuits I’m going to make for Thanksgiving (again). This one calls for the addition of apples and walnuts (it also calls for dried cherries, but as I loathe dried fruit, I left them out).

I thought it would be absolutely perfect this week, as our first chance of s-n-o-w is supposed to show up tomorrow night. I don’t think anything will stick, as it’s been above freezing during the day, but if it gets cold and dreary out, all I want is warm comfort food, and that includes breakfast.

I also managed to get started on dinner.

That beauty of a chuck roast and those ingredients above bubbled away in the crock pot all day, with the idea of them becoming some Italian Beef. But there is a reason I probably shouldn’t try cooking much when I’m sick:

I failed to catch the boil-over in time. Whoops! Still, there was plenty of stock for the roast…I just have to clean up the stove now!

I made sandwiches with the Italian Beef.

I think I’m going to have to re-think the spices in this…I wasn’t overly thrilled by the combination called for in the recipe. I might mince a couple cloves of garlic and toss those in next time.

But overall, it wasn’t too bad–I’ve had worse. I was rather disappointed in the rolls I used, though…I bought them over the weekend, and while the “use by” date was yesterday, I was NOT expecting them to already have started forming mold! Nasty! I had to toss three of them, and I wasn’t too happy about it.

It looks as though I might be staying home again tomorrow…The bambino was out of it this morning, started feeling better this afternoon, and then started feeling bad again this evening. And he’s now complaining about his throat hurting. Not good. I have a feeling a trip to the doctor might be necessary. But just in case I do go back to work tomorrow, I need to make some pumpkin whoopie pies!

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  1. Hope you and your son feel better soon. If it helps, I appreciate it when sick people stay home. It is really irritating when a sick kid comes around my kids and shares the germs! I’m sure other kids’ moms in the bambino’s daycare feel the same way. (My kids will pick up every germ available in the church nursery, the grocery cart, etc. Nasty!)

    • If I can sleep tonight, I’ll be fine. I’m just hoping the bambino’s fever is done, and the sore throat was just a result of him not having much of an appetite for eating or drinking today. We’ll see how he is tomorrow morning!

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