“You say it’s your birthday, it’s my birthday too, yeah….”

Ah, yes. My birthday. I got what I thought were my presents earlier in the week, but I should know better by now. Jay surprised me with this:

I love sketch comedy, and I especially love The Kids in the Hall. Jay tried to fake me out, by coming up from the basement (the other bathroom is down there), and asking if I wanted to see what he found down there. For clarification purposes, I despise our basement, as it’s dirty, musty, damp, and all-around nasty, so I try and avoid going down there unless I absolutely have to. Most of Jay’s junk is down there, as is all the other crap we haven’t found homes for, and Jay could have Jimmy Hoffa hidden down there, and I would never know. He also encountered a snake in there once, although it was lucky and he did catch-n-release with it. Other creatures that enter our home are not so lucky, but we won’t talk about those right now, as I don’t really want to tempt Fate. But that was the premise of his little joke, and I was thinking it was a dead something-or-other. Ugh. But no, it was the complete KITH, which I’ve wanted for ages now.

He and the bambino also took me out for breakfast:

We just went to the Hy-Vee cafe, and we managed to beat the church crowd. We’d talked about getting up and just going, but Jay and the bambino didn’t come downstairs until about 7:30, and by then I was getting ready to watch “Meet the Press.” After running a few errands we came home, I got started on the laundry, and we spent the afternoon being utterly lazy and watching TV.

They did also take me out to dinner:

Good ol’ George’s. I could’ve chosen Guadalajara, but we ate there not too long ago, and while we usually get delivery from George’s, we almost never actually go to the restaurant itself. I had every intention of getting some ice cream when we were done, but I swung through the store to pick up a few items for breakfast, and realized, I’m just too full from dinner! We do have some ice cream here in the house I can always dig into if I change my mind later.

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