I got it! I got it!

After 5 years of regretting my decision NOT to add one to my wedding registry, I finally have myself a stand mixer. Well, I have one on order, anyway. I’m so excited to get it, I can hardly stand it! I did decide to go with Breville…It’s cheaper than the Kitchen Aid, and I do feel a bit of brand loyalty towards them since I won that juicer from them last year. My heart about stopped, though, when I went to their website to place the order–They’re out of stock! Jay suggested I check Amazon, which I did, but the only new ones available were from third-party sellers. While I think that’s all fine and well, if you’re buying DVDs or small stuff like that, I didn’t want to drop a huge chunk of change with some stranger. I’ve been burned by that before, so I checked Chefs Catalog and lo, and behold! In stock, 95ยข more expensive than Breville itself listed it, and free shipping (although I did fork over $15 for 2-day delivery)! My hope was that it would show up by the weekend, but I’m guessing it’s going to be Monday before it gets here. Bah!

I also ordered myself the Coach bag I wanted. I’m such a dumbass, though. Coach had sent me a coupon for $100 off any purchase of $300 or more. So immediately, I start looking for things that will add up to $300 or slightly over, because the purse I want is only $198. Plus, I have that gift card that Allison, Jen & Shari gave me for my birthday last year, so all combined, I had an order that would be about $200 after all was said and done. However, it dawned on me that I really don’t need a wallet (my Kenneth Cole one is just fine for being about 6 years old), nor do I need some random purse-sized fragrance that I might or might not like. Better to just get the purse and use the gift card, and leave it at that! Which is exactly what I did. *facepalm* The coupon was nice and all, but A) I no longer have $300 to spend on a purse or other accessories, and B) I can justify the expense of the stand mixer a LOT easier than I can the expense of a new purse that I don’t exactly need.

But enough of that…I took this afternoon off because I’m working Saturday morning. As usual, I went grocery shopping, after a stop at Sally Beauty Supply:

I just don’t have enough nail polish. In high school and college I wore it often–Until I started working for Mickey Dee’s. One of the rules was that you could wear nail polish–As long as it wasn’t chipped. My nails chip within minutes of me finishing a manicure, so I got out of the habit of wearing it for a long time. And it really wasn’t until I got out of the Retail area of the bank that I started doing manicures again. And like when I was in high school, I’m amassing a ridiculous amount of nail polish colors.

After that, I went to Hy-Vee. I hadn’t been thinking, but everyone and their dog was buying up all the fixings for Thanksgiving dinner…Which is what I too was doing. I was thinking that going in the afternoon during the week would mean the place was empty. Oh no. I was never so glad to get the hell out of there! I came away with a fair amount of stuff:


I don’t know why, but it’s all pork. I suppose, I already have beef and chicken in the freezer. The ham is Thanksgiving dinner. The one year I don’t cook the usual turkey breast, and I feel a little guilty about it! Hy-Vee actually is running a special where you buy a ham (different brand than I bought), and you get a turkey free. The bank offered coupons to the employees for $7 off a ham or a turkey, but even with the coupon, the particular ham I’d’ve had to buy was still a bit out of my price range. And I’ve never cooked a whole turkey (or chicken, for that matter) before, and I’m not really feeling the need to attempt it now.

The lone produce. I’m hoping they’re decent grapefruit. I’m more inclined to buy them in December or January, but I’m anxious to try out my new grapefruit spoons, and when I was making the grocery list this morning, they just sounded good.

I’m going to be doing a fair amount of baking in the near future. Allison asked me last week if she could “hire” me to do so me baking for her. Her house (a very beautifully restored older home) is going to be on a holiday parade of homes. The money’s not necessary–I’ll let her buy a couple pounds of butter, and maybe some vanilla, but I think that’s really about all I’d need. I have plenty of flour and sugar already. We’re going out to lunch tomorrow, so I’ll bounce my ideas off her then!

Bread for stuffing, and bread for tonight’s dinner. I figured that I’d go ahead and make the “traditional” Thanksgiving meal, and just swap out the ham for the turkey. So I’ll still make stuffing, sweet potato biscuits, pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes and gravy, and green beans.

Pantry stuff. I don’t even have room in my little cupboard for it all–It’s been overtaken by sprinkles and cupcake wrappers. Guess that means I should bake more cupcakes or something. Maybe once the mixer shows up.

I got to work on dinner rather early this evening–Jay had to cover a school board meeting, and those start at 6. I chose one of the recipes from the cookbook the bambino gave me for my birthday:

Very simple to make, and very delicious.

I was afraid that the sausage I bought earlier today was akin to breakfast sausage, as when I finished the sauce, it looked like sausage gravy. I didn’t notice a “breakfasty” taste to the pasta, though, so I was fine with it. In fact, I liked it a LOT. I set aside leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch before I remembered that Allison and I were going to go out to eat. No big deal. They’ll keep.

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