Soup’s On!

I thought this video appropriate, as the first “big snowstorm of the season” came on around 8:45 this morning:

(that’s well after 8:45…At 8:45, I was at work. This is how it looked when I got home at about 12:10)

And around 2:30 this afternoon, it left and the sun came out:

While it looks pretty now that the sun’s out, it is cold, and it’s going to dip down into the single digits this evening. Plus the wind is supposed to pick up. I’m inclined to stay in the house until it’s time to go back to work Monday morning. But by Thanksgiving Day, it’s supposed to be back up around 50°F.

Since I have the time, and we knew the snow was coming over the weekend, I thought some soup would be good for tonight’s dinner. And once I saw the recipe for Barley Soup in the Style of Trent, in The Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking, I knew I had to make it. I love barley, and soup with barley in it just screams winter comfort food to me. So I got to work on it. As much as I love barley, I hate that it takes so long to cook. But this recipe makes quite a bit of soup, which at least means some lunch for me next week.

It looked so good…On first taste, though, I was immediately disappointed.

Bland Central. Jay agreed. I like that it’s a thick, hearty soup, and it was almost perfect on a wintry day like today. But it needed something, some chicken, red pepper…And a little less rosemary (there was too much for my taste–And the recipe only called for 1/2 tsp!). I might have to tweak it a bit the next time I make it.

And as such, I’m wishing I had something for dessert now…I redid my manicure, and now I’m kind of peckish. I’m actually thinking of tossing some chocolate chips in a bowl, and pouring some cream over them!

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