Cold Comfort

I’ve spent the day being rather busy. For whatever reason, “Meet the Press” wasn’t on this week, so I got started on the laundry earlier than I normally would’ve. I put the last load in the dryer right before we left to head over to Jay’s folks’ for Sunday dinner. After we got done there, we ran through the grocery store in order to pick up a couple things, mainly this:

Yes, a birthday cake. For me. Yes, my birthday was last weekend, and while I don’t mean to downplay the awesome pampering provided to me by Jay and the bambino, I just decided that since I didn’t get cake, I was going to buy myself my own birthday cake (either that or I was making myself some “Better Than Sex” cake). And as soon as I saw the sunflowers on the cake, I knew it would be mine. Since it’s a white cake, I got some chocolate ice cream to go with it, and I’ve already had a serving of it. Delicious.

Last night I decided on more comfort food for dinner tonight–It’s still cold out, although we’re supposed to begin gradually warming up starting tomorrow. But it was still a good day for meatloaf:

And mashed potatoes and corn:

And yes, I took both the meatloaf butts. When my mom was here and I made meatloaf, I had to threaten her with a fork stabbing if she took both butts. I don’t necessarily have to have them both, but I will get at least one.

Yesterday afternoon, Jay mentioned that he’d come across a couple boxes that looked like dishes or glassware, and wanted to know if I wanted to take a look through them. He brought them up, but I never got around to going through them until tonight. It was all stuff that once belonged to my grandmother Pauline. I didn’t look through the boxed marked “Crystal,” only because at the moment, our hutch is full of kitschy knick-knacks (and a few “valuable to me” things like my grandpa’s beer stein, and the Marine Corps mug I bought for him one Christmas). I did pull out a few things I thought were kind of fun:

I figure they’ll make fun soup bowls…Or I suppose I could use them for oatmeal (ha!). I also found these:

At first, I was regretting having bought glasses from Pfaltzgraff, as I thought these would’ve matched my dishes. However, I was only able to come across 3 glasses in this style. There are a few others in the box, although I just glanced at most of them. It made me a little sad, because all my grandparents are gone now, but at least I have things like this to remember them by.

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6 Replies to “Cold Comfort”

    • Mom–Yeah, I’d forgotten all the stuff I brought with me. I should get out some of the golden yellow glasses that were in there too…Talk about 70’s!

    • Allison–Believe me, there are many instances every Sunday where I’m either screaming at David Gregory or the guests, or throwing couch pillows at the TV. I don’t know why I watch it, either. All it does is piss me off! My son calls it “Mommy’s Angry Show.”

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