“Lightning strikes, maybe once, maybe twice…”


I have had this song stuck in my head since Sunday afternoon, when I was putting away laundry and caught the last minute or so on the radio. I used to have this on 45 (I’m aging myself, I know), and would dance around my bedroom like Stevie Nicks, because I was cool like that when I was seven.

I’ve been in a slightly pensive, maudlin mood all day. I’ve been participating in Iowa Girl Eats20 Day Holiday Workout Challenge. Granted, I’m only two days into it, but I think my being so out of shape and tired is contributing to my mood. That, and the usual monthly nonsense. Plus, I’m trying to rework my game plan for getting all Allison’s cookies done by Saturday, with taking an evening off Friday to go out for dinner with friends. And not reading my recipe for gingersnaps ahead of time. I have to go back and get shortening.

As soon as we got home, I got started in dinner:

Baked Ziti. It was okay, nothing special.

The bambino’s portion (mine was about twice that size). Which of course, he didn’t finish. He did eat about half of it. After cleaning up the dinner mess, I got started on the cookies. I made the dough for the sugar cookies first, since that has to chill at least 8 hours, if not longer. After that, my intention was to make the gingersnaps, until I realized I needed shortening. Instead, I started on the Happy Jacks cookies.

I doubled the recipe, and I think I have more than enough to fill the 50 I was going to make (I’m doing approximately 50 of each type of cookie).

There were enough that I gave the bambino a couple. I’m exhausted and I think I’m going to bed now!

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10 Replies to ““Lightning strikes, maybe once, maybe twice…””

    • Stacie–They are! If you like shortbread, that’s what they taste like–With chocolate chips. And I really like that they’re bite-sized!

  1. Glad to see that you tried one of the recipes on my blog and posted a link here! I believe that it is a first for me, so you have really made my day. Hope you enjoyed the holiday!

    • Hi Tina! I’ve actually made these a couple times now, and I love how simple they are. A lot of my coworkers like them too! :) Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  2. Good thing you got the new mixer. I made your Nutella Sandwich Cookies last week and they were a major hit. Thanks!

    • No kidding–There’s no way I’d’ve agreed to do all this baking with a hand mixer! And hooray for Nutella! I was just thinking I might need to make those again soon. My mom’s sending me a huge box of the little sample sizes…AND I’m getting a jar of the version they sell in Europe (I think) next week! Also, I’m very excited for dinner tomorrow night! :)