Shilling for a Good Cause (and a Giveaway)

This is going to deviate from my regular blog posts somewhat, as I’m gonna rant for a minute (there’s a shocker, I know)…But this time, I’m going to rail about cancer. I don’t think there’s anyone who doesn’t know someone who’s either battled cancer or died as a result of it. Three of my four grandparents had cancer. I watched my maternal grandmother die from it. My mother-in-law fought breast cancer, as did one of my former coworkers. I found out on Friday that another coworker has been diagnosed with breast cancer. And sadly, another coworker lost his son to cancer. It’s a bastard disease, and I hate it.

And I think it’s especially horrible whenever a child is diagnosed with cancer–Part of it is just being a mom, and never wanting to see any child suffer. Part of it is due to a scare we had with the bambino when he was an infant. Long story short, because of a rather prominent birthmark on his head, his doctor ordered a CT scan right before I returned from maternity leave, because the birthmark could’ve signified a brain abnormality or possible cancer. Thank the gods he’s perfectly fine, but I would probably be in a padded cell right now if anything had been wrong. As such, when I came across an opportunity from the OXO Blogger Outreach program to help spread the word about their Cookies for Kids’ Cancer program, I jumped on it.

Cookies for Kids’ Cancer was founded by two OXOnians (OXO employees) inspired by their 2-year old son’s battle with cancer. It provides inspiration, ideas and support for people everywhere to help fight pediatric cancer – through the simple concept of local bake sales. This year, OXO will donate up to $100,000 to support this cause so close to their hearts. One way to help is to visit, where you can send Virtual Cookies, to help spread the word, or you can organize a bake sale or other fundraiser for Cookies for Kids’ Cancer. You can also purchase a Limited Edition Cookie Spatula, as 50% of the profits will benefit pediatric cancer awareness.

And OXO sent me one of the spatulas to review:

Personally, I think it’s rather cute.

I tested it when I made the last batch of cookies for Allison. I was very pleased at how easily it slipped the cookies off the cookie sheets. And lest anyone think I’m just prattling on because I got a freebie, I will say that I’ve bought plenty of OXO products on my own, before I joined the Blogger Outreach program, and I do think they make quality products. I love their salad spinner (I remember seeing Alton Brown using one on “Good Eats,” and I made sure to put it on my wedding registry when Jay & I got married), as well as my meat mallet. And I have an ever-expanding list of OXO products I want (this is why I try to avoid Bed, Bath & Beyond if I can). I was hoping that the spatula might even get a batch of cookies off one particularly annoying cookie sheet:

But alas, it doesn’t quite perform miracles. That cookie sheet is on its way out the door anyway. Or I just need to remember to use parchment paper on it whenever I bake.

Anyway…Hate cancer as much as I do? Think it’s rotten when kids have to battle such an awful disease? Just want a fun spatula for yourself? OXO is providing another spatula for me to give away to one of my readers. The giveaway will run from now until Friday, December 9, 2011 at 6:00 PM CT, and all you have to do to enter is leave me a comment telling me what kind of cookies you’d bake if you won this. If you want to, feel free to follow me on Twitter or “like” me on Facebook, but I never make that a requirement–You should all know by now, I hate giveaways that make you jump through a billion hoops to enter, so I don’t expect anyone else to do it! I will choose the winner using a random number generator.

DISCLAIMER: OXO’s Blogger Outreach program provided both the spatula for me to review, as well as one to give away, however, all opinions are my own. OXO makes some good stuff, and I’m more than willing to help spread the word to help such a good cause.

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17 Replies to “Shilling for a Good Cause (and a Giveaway)”

  1. Great blog about a great cause. I just read about Cookies for Kids Cancer in a magazine (Cooking Light?). Very cute spatula. I have a bunch of cranberries and white chocolate from other baking projects and that sounds like the beginning of a really good cookie.

  2. Do I hate cancer? YES! I lost an uncle and my boyfriend lost his father and grandfather to cancer. It is a horrible unforgiving disease that knows no bounds. I hope we (meaning you, me and the rest of the world) never have to hear the word cancer again. xoxo

    I would bake let’s kick cancer in the b*lls macadamia nut cookies!

  3. Just wanted to say hi from across the state. Came across you blog several months ago and check it almost every day. I would bake some monster cookies.

  4. I hate cancer too. Took my mother in law way too soon. We are taking it easy with the cookies this year – meaning I broke down and bought mixes this year so we will still have cookies – cut outs & peanut butter.

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  6. I am making sugar cookies and gingersnaps this holiday season with my 22 month old daughter. She would LOVE to have her very own utensil to start our new tradition of holiday baking!

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  8. Went to your Facebook page and “liked” you! My little girl would LOVE this spatula…just sayin’!

  9. I love OXO products! I would bake some peanut butter blossoms. Wondering how the Nutella you got tasted? Could you tell the difference?