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I love mail. I’m a geek, who will obsessively check the mailbox or tracking emails whenever I know something’s on its way to me. I also love free stuff. Which is why I was surprised to find out that I won (another) giveaway from Shannon’s Kitchen Creations! The fact that it’s some swanky chocolates is even better! But those won’t be here for awhile. No, I was expecting some goodies from another contest I won through the Foodie Blogroll. The prize was a $25 gift certificate to Marina Market, a specialty shop in Poulsbo, Washington. They specialize in European foods, mainly Scandinavian and Dutch stuff, which I thought would fit my household rather nicely–I’m about a quarter Dutch, and Jay’s about half Norwegian, so I thought I’d find some fun goodies for us to try.The box showed up yesterday.

I was rather thrilled to find they carry imported Nutella. Not that I don’t love the stuff we have here in the States (see below), but I’ve heard the European version is better. So I got a jar:

As well as a few other things:

Malt vinegar from England. I’m going to feel guilty if I slap this on some Ore-Ida’s, so I think I might have to make some homemade chips instead.

German kaffee. I wasn’t thinking when I went grocery shopping this weekend, and picked up a bag of Cherrybean Coffee. Not that it matters. It will all get drunk eventually.

Some Dutch chocolates. The Europeans really know how to do chocolate. Not that I won’t gnaw on a Hershey bar if it’s available, but if I had my way (and the money), I’d eat the fancy stuff all the time!

Crispbread. And yeah, it’s from Sweden, not Norway, but they’re close enough. That, and a lot of the Norwegian stuff I could actually find here in town or in Sioux Falls, so I wanted something less accessible.

Lebkuchen. I’m also about half German (and an eighth English and an eighth French if you care, which you probably don’t), hence the German coffee. I’d never heard of Lebkuchen before, but gingerbread covered in chocolate can’t be that bad, right? Plus, it’s apparently a somewhat traditional Christmas treat in Germany, so I figured the timing was good.

Apparently these are also English, according to the package. I have no idea what exactly a cream cracker is, but I’m sure they’re good.

Spekulatius, or Speculaas. These are German, so they’re (obviously) Spekulatius. I don’t care, I just wanted some windmill cookies.

I also got this from my mom:

A TON of Nutella samples. I’m curious to see how it compares with the European stuff I just got. But alas, it’s going to have to wait a few days, because I can’t eat squat right now. Saturday evening, I came down with a scratchy throat. Sunday morning, I woke up, and it was on fire. I thought it was just dry air or something. Yesterday morning, I woke up, and I could hardly swallow. I was in enough pain, I cried. I went into work for about half the day, came home and then went to the clinic. And lucky me, I have strep throat. I technically should be staying home again today, but I have stuff that HAS to get done, and we’re short-staffed this morning, so I’m going to see if my boss will let me do another half-day.

And just a reminder–My giveaway for the Be A Good Cookie Spatula from OXO is still open!

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  1. “Lebkuchen” is just the German word for gingerbread. There’s my overpriced university education in action, ha.

    Hope you’re feeling better!

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