“What is wrong with me?”

Yesterday was one of those days where I spent a good chunk of it wondering why it sometimes feels the Universe is picking on me and/or my family. For one, I was whiny about being sick. I hate being sick. I never quite rest as much as I should, although this strep infection did kick my ass Monday night. I laid down on the couch around 7:30, and went to bed at 8:30 when the bambino did. I woke up feeling a little better, and went to work, although since I was still contagious, my boss sent me home after a couple hours. It was chilly yesterday morning, and when I went out to warm up the car, I came across this:

Bastards. They egged the front of our house too–Something I didn’t notice until after I got home and popped out to check the mail. Jerks. When I came back inside from starting up the car, I noticed I’d ripped a seam out of the cuff of one of my pantlegs, which meant a mad dash to change clothes.

We set out, and when we got to the bambino’s daycare, I stayed behind, so as not to risk infecting any other little kids. When he came back out, Jay told me that some other child had apparently stuck their tongue out at the bambino as he walked into his classroom, resulting in the bambino running off into a corner and becoming shy and withdrawn. He obviously got over it, as he was perfectly fine when we picked him up, but it was just one more thing to set off the morning. And work was actually okay…I got some good news regarding my next two paychecks, and I kind of chuckled when my boss basically kicked me out and told me to go home.

I spent the afternoon watching more of my Kids in the Hall DVDs (Jay doesn’t find them as funny as I do, nor does the bambino), and then picked up Jay and the bambino. Jay apparently had a rotten day at work, and I messed up the Tuesday routine, as they usually spend an hour or so visiting Jay’s parents, but because I didn’t want to infect my in-laws either, I had them drop me off. When they got home, I fixed them dinner, and fixed myself some instant mashed potatoes.

Today, I went back to work, and spent the whole day there. Afterward, we popped out to Buttercrust–Melissa had mentioned that on Wednesdays, they have brioche. I haven’t had brioche since I left Ohio. Of course, by the time I got there after work, there was no brioche. I did snag these, though:

Cheese danish. I can’t wait for breakfast tomorrow! I also picked up more peanut butter:

I think I have a peanut butter addiction.

On a whim and on the way home, the bambino suggested we stop at Guadalajara for dinner. After yesterday’s nonsense, I decided it sounded like a welcome treat, and I wasn’t 100% keen on cooking dinner anyway. I didn’t take pictures while there, because quite frankly, I forgot. And Jay and I were venting about a few things. After that, I decided I needed some ice cream (can you tell I’ve got my appetite back?), so we popped through the DQ drive-thru…And Jay and I didn’t even fight this time!

Lastly, there is still time to enter my OXO Good Cookie Spatula Giveaway…It runs through 6 PM Friday night. And I finally remembered to add Janean’s Sugar Cookie recipe to my dessert page!

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  1. By the way, it’s ok to have a bad day. Just don’t let it linger and move on. I always say 1 day to wallow in pity and then it’s time put on the big girl pants and deal with it. :)

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