It’s the weekend and we have a winner!

First, I shall begin by announcing the winner of my OXO Good Cookie Spatula giveaway:

Min. 1-Max. 17 Random Number Generator Result: 10–Jennifer, who wants to bake with her her little girl! Congrats, Jen…I hope PJ enjoys having her own baking utensil!

Funny aside…With the couple giveaways, I’ve done, I usually skip over any of my own comments or trackbacks…In counting them, and in skipping over them, Jen wins both ways! I think that means the Universe really wants PJ to have this, so Jen, if you read this over the weekend, I’ll bring your prize in on Monday!

And among the comments in that post, Kristy had asked about any difference between the European and American versions of Nutella. I think the European version tastes slightly creamier, and the hazelnut flavor seems just a hint more pronounced. No matter, though. I’m still going to eat both versions and love them equally!

Last night I worked on my miniscule grocery list. I didn’t need a whole lot, other than some baking supplies. For the last meeting of this committee I’m on at work, I was going to give everyone the choice between Gingerbread Cupcakes with Buttercream Frosting, or some spicy Chocolate Crinkle cookies, courtesy of a McCormick recipe I found in Bon App├ętit. I had one coworker send me an email practically begging me to scrap the voting and just bring the cookies. In the end, I decided that because it’s the last meeting where I can bring baked goods, I’m just going to do both. After last weekend’s baking extravaganza, I needed more brown sugar, as well as parchment paper. And I needed Ancho Chili Powder…Assuming it’s made its way to Brookings yet. Which it hasn’t…But that’s okay. I found some “generic Mexican spice” that will probably work just fine.

After that, I popped over to Buttercrust Bakery. Earlier in the week, I discovered a comment from the owner’s wife, inviting me to pop back in and take a few photos, since I wimped out the first time I went in there. Kasandra wasn’t there, but I met Brice, her husband, and we had a nice chat. I did snap a couple shots of the interior:

Of course, I picked the exact moment when about 20 people walked in, and since I didn’t really want to be photographing random strangers, I didn’t get a good shot of the counter with all the breads and pastries. I was also dealing with an unruly bambino, so that didn’t exactly help either. Once things calmed down, I figured I’d get my milk, get my bread, etc., and get out. The bambino had been bugging me for some jam, so I got some strawberry:

No peanut butter this time, Erin. I also got myself a little snack:

A deliciously flaky croissant. The bambino got one too, because he was complaining that his stomach hurt. I also got the last loaf of this:

Focaccia. I was planning on making that crock pot chicken tater tot hot dish, but a few nights ago, Jay picked up a two-pack of Cornish game hens, and he’s in the process of roasting those for himself and the bambino. But now that I have the focaccia, I think I’ll make some pasta instead!

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