Chesnuts roasting on a non-existant fire…

It’s only two weeks before Christmas, but we finally got our tree up.

The past three weekends, either myself or Jay has been sick. In a way, it’s probably been a good thing, just because had we already decorated, those jerks who egged our house would’ve damaged the wreath my sister Shelley made me a few years ago.

I also have to admit, it’s been hard getting into the Christmas spirit without the s-n-o-w on the ground. Believe me, I’m not complaining, and I’m not one of those folks who “needs” a white Christmas….I grew up in Ohio. I’m used to “brown” Christmases. But this ain’t normal. It also makes me dread January and February, because I just know we’re going to get dumped on at some point. In a way, I hope I’m wrong.

We lazed around for most of Sunday, although we ventured out at one point to grab some lunch from the grocery store. After much procrastinating and hemming and hawing, I dragged myself into the kitchen to make some cookies.

Some supposedly spicy cookies I got the recipe for from Bon App├ętit. Granted, I didn’t use the Ancho Chili Powder called for in the recipe. Instead, I found some “Hot” Mexican-Style Chili Powder…That wasn’t very hot after all. I was rather disappointed…I don’t know how hot the Ancho Chili Powder is supposed to be…But I was expecting some heat with these cookies, and it didn’t happen. Next time, I’ll make Martha Stewart’s Mexican Hot Chocolate cookies…Those do call for cayenne, so I know they’d be spicy.

Tonight, I had to make some cupcakes. Gingerbread Cupcakes. The bambino and I made these last year, and I remember them being really good. And since Jay had to cover school board this evening, I thought it would be a good project for the bambino and me to work on together. Plus, I didn’t sleep well at all last night, and with today being incredibly gloomy and damp and grey, my SAD was in full-force all day. I needed something to do, something to lose myself in for awhile. Cooking, baking and hanging out with my boy all help. I found a fun package when I got home, though:

Air mail? Ah, yes…I remember now what I was expecting:

My prize from Shannon’s Kitchen Creations!

Fancy-schmancy chocolate…From the UK.

And I am not ashamed to admit that about half the box is already gone, although I didn’t polish them off all by myself. Jay and the bambino sampled a few too. Thanks, Shannon!!

I ended up ordering pizza, since I knew I was going to be busy with the cupcakes this evening. But I was extremely pleased with how they turned out:

I bought new piping tips over the weekend, and I do think these are quite possibly the prettiest cupcakes I’ve made (which, I know, isn’t saying much!). I had enough batter that I ended up making a batch of mini cupcakes too. I tested one–They’re very tasty, which should make up for the lackluster cookies!

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