Peanuts and Pancakes

I think I need to force myself to go to bed at 9 for the rest of the week. I’m exhausted, and since it’s been gloomy and damp out, it’s not really helping my mood. Hence, “Linus & Lucy.” This song (along with Ska and sunflowers) always puts a smile on my face, so I thought I’d cheer myself up. I’m trying to hang on until the weekend, when it’s supposed to be sunny and warm (for December in South Dakota, anyway). We’re planning on going to Sioux Falls to get the Christmas shopping done. It should be interesting, to say the least. I’m sure everyone within a 200-mile radius of Sioux Falls will be crammed into the shopping centers.

Usually when Jay covers a school board meeting, I make pancakes for the bambino and I. Since I was making cupcakes, I ordered pizza instead. Last night, I made Tubetti cacio e uova. The bambino asked Monday and Tuesday nights for pancakes. This morning, I asked if he wanted some pasta with tomato sauce, and he asked for pancakes again. I felt bad for denying him, so tonight, we had pancakes:

And some bacon. I had mine with Nutella.

The pancakes, that is. We were running very low on maple syrup, so Jay had that with his and the bambino had Mighty Maple on his. It was a nice comforting meal.

I did get a fun surprise this morning–Another gift from my Secret Santa:

Lord knows, 3 sets of measuring cups, and 4 sets of measuring spoons isn’t enough! I have my suspicions about who my secret Santa is, because whoever it is knows me pretty well and has been giving me pretty awesome gifts. I still haven’t made use of my White Russian kit:

I thought this was such an awesome present! I might need to crack it open Friday night!

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