“It’s okay…Had a bad day…”

Gods, this day started out horridly. I woke up not only with a headache, but also to find that my blog was down for at least 5 hours, if not longer. The bambino was crabby, and I broke down in tears as I got out of the car when Jay dropped me off at work. I was pleasantly surprised to see the sun pop out in the afternoon, although I got an email from my SIL that my MIL was in a car accident this afternoon. She’s okay, but her car is totaled, and she apparently/understandably is a little shaken up. Jay and the bambino took her some flowers and candy, and afterward, they came to get me. They brought me these:

I just love that the bambino almost always remembers that I like yellow flowers. It was a most pleasant surprise, and it did cheer me up a lot. We ran errands after getting some Guadalajara for dinner. I had to get a final gift for my secret Santa, as well as more milk. While we were out, I picked up some mini cupcake liners:

I was thinking that maybe next week sometime, I might make some Christmas-themed mini cupcakes to take into work. We popped into Buttercrust for more milk:

I also saw this:

A whole quart of cream. Delicious cream. I can’t wait to have my morning coffee tomorrow! The bambino asked for some grape juice:

Allison says it’s really good–The bambino seems to like it. I bought myself the last two cream horns:

Yeah, I ate one already. Actually, I ate both of them. I was going to save one for breakfast, but I wanted some dessert. And since I’m exhausted, I’m going to bed before 10:30 for the first time in almost a week!

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