Buffalo Wings and a Forgotten Camera

We managed to get our Christmas shopping almost completely finished in a three-hour jaunt to Sioux Falls. It wasn’t as bad as I was expecting…I was prepared for gridlocked traffic, and while it was busy in every store we were in, I think it being sunny and warm helped keep me in a good mood. I picked up a few things for myself:

New piping tips. But there’s one thing I didn’t notice when I picked them up:

I had no idea they even made left-handed tips. I don’t think it’s going to make any real difference. I’m not planning on using them for anything more than cupcake decoration anyway. I also picked up another journal:

It was only $1.99. I also got something to read:

Yeah, I jumped on that bandwagon. I never bothered with Twilight–I don’t care how good anyone claims the books and movies are, I refuse to read or see them. I am mildly curious about The Hunger Games, though. I figured I’d give he first book a shot, and if I hate it, I’ll pass it on to someone else! If I like it, I’ll read the next two.

We opted to eat a late lunch/early dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. We’re getting one in Brookings some time next year, but I haven’t been to one since college. Jay has never been to one, so we thought we’d try it out. I was going to take a few pictures, but realized that I left my camera here at home. Jay liked them well enough, so I’m sure we’ll eat there again in Sioux Falls–At least until the Brookings location is open.

After we got back to town, neither Jay, the bambino, or myself was particularly hungry. Jay and I were a bit snackish, though. Jay wanted sweet, and I wanted salty. I got myself some popcorn going:

And once that got going, I made Jay some chocolate ice cream:

I easily could’ve had some myself, but I had my popcorn:

And I ate the whole bowl! Tomorrow will be here too soon, and I’ll have laundry to wash and mini cupcakes to bake.

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4 Replies to “Buffalo Wings and a Forgotten Camera”

    • I found them at Michael’s & like I said, I had no idea they made such a thing! If you try them, you’ll have to let me know if there’s any difference.