Food, Glorious Food

I have a feeling I’m going to crash and burn come Christmas morning. Breakfast might not be the Almond Croissant casserole (I can’t remember the exact name of it, but I made it three years ago). I think I need maple syrup for it, which I forgot to pick up, as well as almonds. No matter. The bambino has already asked for sausage anyway, so maybe I’ll make my mom’s breakfast strata. One of Jay’s coworkers gave him a bunch of meat in exchange for coming in last Saturday, including a pound of breakfast sausage. I just need some bread and more cheese, and I’m good to go! I could always do cinnamon rolls…Eh, I’ve got time to figure it out.

I did get the grocery shopping done last night–After the ornament-making and visit from Santa at the bambino’s daycare. It was fun. We stopped by Guadalajara after, because on our way home from Buttercrust, the bambino had suggested we eat there. I already had plans for pasta, and we’d passed the restaurant by the time he mentioned it. We decided Tuesday night would be as good an evening as any, and he was fine with it. I didn’t take any photos while we were there, save this one:

Now there’s something I hadn’t seen in a few years. Coke, in a bottle. I remember getting 6-packs of the little green bottles when Kendra and I were kids, and we’d share them. Now, I don’t think either one of us really drinks that much soda.

I dropped Jay and the bambino off once we were done eating–Somehow, the bambino ended up with some purple paint in his hair, so he needed a bath. I changed clothes and headed out to Hy-Vee. I needed a few extra things for Christmas dinner, as well as Christmas Eve dinner. Among the items Jay was given last weekend was a whole chicken, which we decided would be our dinner Christmas night. That’s all fine and well, but I have never cooked an entire chicken before in my life. In fact, I’ve been a little hesitant to do so.

I waffle a lot between liking the “clean,” processed, neat, tidy aspects of getting meat from the grocery store (and feeling guilty as a result), and wanting meat that hasn’t been sent through a questionable processing facility, that could potentially make myself or my family sick. Part of it is cost (although this chicken was free to us, so in this instance we’re not out anything). Part of it is squeamishness on my part. I want to know where my food comes from, but I don’t want to have to do any of the dirty work. I don’t want to have to clean feathers, or de-bone my own filets. I want it done for me, so I can pretend that this is how meat really is. I don’t want to know that it was once a living breathing animal, which is now dead, and whose flesh I’m about to consume. If I have to remove gizzards and other organs from inside this chicken, I’ll probably want to yak, and I’ll more than likely have Jay come and help me. I realize that sounds a bit hypocritical, and I could just picture my sister grinning snidely at the notion that I just might one day give up meat. Which isn’t going to happen. I’ve told her before, I don’t like enough vegetables or vegetable proteins to warrant my going vegetarian, and while yes, I obviously have a few issues with eating meat, I’m not going to stop eating it. I might eat less of it–Something I have been slowly working towards with the two carnivores in my house (more because of the expense), but I won’t give it up completely.

But anyway…On to the groceries. I got some fruit (since I’ll eat plenty of that):

And some potatoes. Pineapple’s on sale this week, and once I cut that up, Jay will have it gone in an evening’s time! Which is better than inhaling a bag of chips or something junky like that (not that I ever do that, of course. Chips aren’t my downfall, especially not Salt & Vinegar chips).

The meat. This is what I mean when I say I like the end result. I’ve seen sausage being made, and I’ve seen meat being ground up. Neither is a pretty process.

Dairy and eggs. I made some scrambled eggs for breakfast yesterday morning, and had one egg left over. That’s not going to be enough to get us through the rest of the week, although were it not for running into a coworker who had eggs in her cart, I would’ve forgotten them, since they weren’t on my list!

The Häagen-Dazs is already gone. As I mentioned in Monday’s post, the Graeter’s is for Christmas Eve.

The pantry goods. I was going to make some Baked Oatmeal last night, until I remembered that the pan I usually use is still in the dishwasher, which hasn’t been run yet. No matter. I didn’t realize I was out of yeast, until I started looking in the pantry. I was thinking that for Christmas dinner, I’d make some rolls–Parker House rolls, I think. One of my recent issues (I think the Thanksgiving issue) of Everyday Food had a recipe for them, using a stand mixer, so I think I’ll test out the dough hook on mine.

And now that it’s after 6, I should get myself in the shower, and start getting ready for work! Have a great day everyone!

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