It’s almost here…

One more day until Christmas. I did not bother with any wrapping last night. Jay popped in some Black Adder, and I stayed up way too late, considering how exhausted I am and all I still have to do today/tonight. But it will all get done. At least I didn’t make the same mistake that I did last year, and put off all the wrapping until after the bambino went to bed. I think I just have a couple books from Jay and the gift from my dad to wrap, and I’m done.

I did have to work a couple hours this morning, which was fine. I was originally scheduled to work next weekend, but because one of the officers is out and because Cyndi had grandchildren descending on her house last night, I switched. We decided last year that we’re not traveling over Christmas any more, because it’s too much of a hassle, and we want to start our own family traditions. And having to work this weekend ends up being better for me anyway, since next weekend is when Inga and her family will be coming up.

A couple of us who did have to come in this morning decided to try and make things a little fun.

Those would be the ingredients for some peppermint hot chocolate. Hal brought caramel, cinnamon, and orange rolls, and we shared with everyone who worked today. It was a fun day, albeit a slow one. But that’s okay. Once I was done with work, we popped out because I realized after we got home last night that I needed dish soap. We puttered around for a bit before I got started on dinner:

I might not get to be in my hometown for Christmas, but at least I can eat like I’m there! And I don’t really even remember the last time I made some Cincinnati chili. I like our tradition of having chili on Christmas Eve. Last year, I did 3-ways, but this year, I chose to do coneys and chili cheese fries.

I also chose to pan-fry the fries, instead of baking them. My mom used to make fries that way as a treat when Kendra and I were kids. She used to keep the shortening in an orange Tupperware container in the fridge, and would re-use it. Ore-Ida has changed their formula for making Golden Crinkles, as these didn’t taste as good as I remembered. I’d actually wanted Pixie Crinkles, but Barf-Mart didn’t have them. No matter. Dinner was still good and a nice reminder of home. After dinner, I got some dessert:

I shared about half the pint with the bambino, and I’m absolutely stuffed now. I probably will go back and eat the rest later tonight, just because ice cream is never safe around me. I have 2 more presents for the bambino I need to wrap, and I’m still debating on making either a pumpkin pie or starting some dough for some cinnamon rolls for tomorrow’s breakfast. It wouldn’t be that much trouble to let the dough rise once tonight, and finish them in the morning. We’ll see, though. It depends on how ambitious I’m feeling once the bambino goes to bed!

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2 Replies to “It’s almost here…”

  1. Merry Christmas Eve!! Cinnamon rolls sound amazing, that’s one thing I miss about home – my mom’s baking.

    What time is the bambino’s bedtime?

    Right now Lyric goes to bed at 6 ish (and I love it!!) but I’m curious what time older kids usually go to sleep.

    Anyway. I’m enjoying some champagne & letting my husband cook (grill) dinner. Merry Christmas to me!

    • Yeah, my mom’s been baking cookies all week–I miss getting to sample them!

      The bambino’s bedtime depends on whether or not he gets a nap. If he takes one, he can stay up until 8:30. If not, he goes to bed at 8 (and in those cases, he’s usually out by 8:15). I think he needs more sleep than that (he’s usually up anywhere between 6:30 and 7:15), but I fear he’s like me and is just hard-wired to run on less sleep.

      Merry Christmas to you and your family–And lucky you getting dinner prepared for you! :) Your mention of champagne reminds me that I have an open bottle of wine in my fridge…!