“Everything moves along…”

Today started out completely on the wrong note. I woke up with a pounding headache, that luckily went away after a few Tylenol and some coffee. I went to make a payment on my Macy’s card before hopping in the shower. Rather than go to the trouble of transferring money from one account to another, in my brilliance, I thought I’d just make¬†two payments online. Yeah, no. I made the first one without any trouble, but when I went to make the second payment from a different account, I hit a snag. There was no way to select a different account than the one I’d just used (I even went to the work of clearing out my cache and restarting everything, just in case), so I tried to enter the information…That apparently was already on file, so I couldn’t re-enter it. So then (again, in my brilliance) I tried making the second payment from the first account I used. No go. Apparently you can only make one payment every three days from the same checking account. Bastards. So I had to resort to writing a check and dropping it in the mail, which will now result in a late fee, because I’m pretty sure that the Macy’s processing center in Columbus, Ohio, isn’t going to receive my payment by 5:00 PM on Sunday, January 1, which is when the payment is due. So, yea, late fee for me! Jackasses. I know credit card companies are in the business of gouging as many people as they can legally or even illegally, but goddam it. For someone who had to wait until payday (yesterday) in order to make said payment, Macy’s online payment service blows chunks.

And as long as I’m going off on things annoying me this morning, I’ll mention my irritation at people who are not handicapped and park in handicapped spaces. I noticed this when the bambino and I stopped at Buttercrust this morning. And the worst part was, I knew the person who parked in the handicapped spot, as I think he’s a pompous ass. I should’ve probably said something about it, but I didn’t. I was also annoyed by a lot of the comments on the Pioneer Woman’s most recent entertainment quiz. Specifically, people quibbling about the color of Luke Skywalker’s light saber in Episode IV. It was blue. He didn’t get a green light saber until Return of the Jedi. Get over it. My “brother” Justin would be proud of me–I scored 100% on it (with some help from Jay).

All in all, I was trying to remain in a good mood, as I knew I’d come home to this:

My new camera!!! At the moment, the battery is charging, and I need to read the instruction manual, so I haven’t fully unpacked everything just yet. But I am dying to start using it! In the meantime, though, I ordered some dinner:

Some George’s. I had a burger:

I initially wasn’t hungry when we got home, although I think Jay was and had wanted to eat sooner rather than later. Around 6, though, my stomach started rumbling, so I gave George’s a ring. We have eaten out far too much lately, but I just wasn’t in the mood to cook. That, and I anticipated being too busy playing around with my new toy to bother with dinner! I think I’ll go put my pajamas on, and settle in with the instruction manual, while Jay and the bambino watch a dinosaur documentary.

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  1. Call Macy’s and tell them what happened. They’ll waive the late fee. I had to call 3 companies last month because my pregnant brain forgot to pay and was late. I called & explained and got them all waived. Especially if you are trying to pay more money, they’ll let you go.

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