Last Day of the Year

I spent a big chunk of last night playing around with my new camera. I took a few food pictures, just to see how it compares with my Nikon (which it doesn’t). Here’s one I took with my Nikon point & shoot:

Nothing special there. And here’s one taken with my Olympus:

Light years difference. I do still need to play around with the settings and learn my way around everything, but I’m already amazed at the difference, and totally in love with my new camera! Jay suggested that since I’ve fulfilled my two biggest wants fairly recently, I should probably slow down on the spending for awhile. Which was my intent anyway, after getting the camera. Starting tomorrow, it’s pay-down-bills time.

This morning, the bambino and I headed off to the grocery store. We were getting a little low on a few things, and I had recipes from the Pioneer Woman’s cookbook I needed to try out! Plus, the bambino’s birthday is Tuesday, so we needed to order a cake. Which we did. We’ll be getting a Batman cake after 5 PM on Tuesday. We also picked up a few pantry items:

One of the Pioneer Woman’s recipes I’m going to make is Cheesy Grits. I really don’t know what most people in my family have against grits. Oh well. They don’t have to eat them! We also got some cheese:

Because you can’t really have Cheesy Grits without some cheese! We also got some bread:

And some meat:

The bambino requested hot dogs and French fries for his birthday dinner. I wanted some cube steak for sandwiches, and ground beef for BBQ meatballs. I’ll make them tomorrow, I think. Along with the grits. On the way home from the store, we got some breakfast:

Oh yes. McDonald’s breakfast. If I’m gonna eat a fast food breakfast, I want it to be McDonald’s. While I was shoving that in my craw, I was also making a mad dash to wrap presents, since we were going to Jay’s parents’ to celebrate Christmas. The bambino was especially excited to see his cousins from Omaha:

They also made gingerbread houses:

Kendra asked me if I did them for the bambino–I don’t bother, since it seems to be a fun activity that my mother-in-law likes doing whenever all the grandchildren are around. And I don’t want to take that away from her. Plus, I’m not that creative, so I’m all for letting her take charge! We did presents, then had a huge belated Christmas dinner, complete with Norwegian Christmas cookies for dessert:

Krumkake, Rosettes, and Kringla. The rosettes are probably my favorite of the three, although the krumkake are pretty good too. This year, my mother-in-law passed around a can of whipped cream to fill them with. They were delicious, as always. She’s offered to show me how to make them–I figure one of these days I should learn, so I can make them for the bambino. I don’t have Norwegian heritage, but he does, and it would be a nice tradition from Jay’s side of the family to pass on!

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