“I came in here for the special offer…”

It’s so close to being the weekend…I have to go in for a few hours tomorrow. I have a big project I have to get working on and have completed by the end of the month, and because year-end statements will be showing up sometime next week (I assume), I want to get as much done before then as I can. So even though I feel like a zombie, and want to crawl back into bed and sleep for the next week, I have to muddle through.

We hit up the grocery store last night, something I usually hate doing. I prefer going early Saturday or Sunday mornings, but I won’t really have time this week, and we were out of a few things. I was working with a $35 budget this time around, because of an accounting error, so we really didn’t get much:

The lone meat. I can’t wait for the farmers market to start up again, although that won’t be until May. I miss my grass-fed beef, and we haven’t been to Sioux Falls in awhile, so I haven’t had the chance to pick up any from Pomegranate. I’m going to use that for this recipe.

The dairy. The quart of heavy cream is for this recipe. I still have a leftover pie crust from Thanksgiving that I might as well use up!

Fruit and veg. The bambino already got into the bananas last night, which is fine. I’d rather he snack on fruit than chips or something. I also got a 5-lb. bag of potatoes, but I’d already put those away.

One of these things is not like the other. I like keeping plenty of tomato sauce on hand, because I need it for Cincinnati chili.

And I was pleased–I stayed just under budget:

So I have enough leftover to get myself a coffee before work tomorrow.

Jay picked up a little treat for himself and the bambino last night–Some sushi.

He’s been talking about having the bambino try it for ages now. I won’t go near the stuff (the raw factor creeps me out, although, yes, I know not all sushi is made with raw fish), and I give the bambino credit, he tried both kinds. I didn’t realize (and we don’t think he did either) that the shrimp was on top of a piece of white fish–I thought it was just on top of rice. The bambino took a bite, then put that one down. He nibbled on the other one and ate about a quarter of it.

And now I must be off to get ready for work. I will leave you with the reminder that today is the last day to enter my Peanut Butter & Co. giveaway–It closes at 6:00 PM CST tonight!

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