“Everybody’s workin’ for the weekend…”

Before I get to the regular post, I shall announce the winner of my PB&J giveaway, as chosen by a Random Number Generator:

Min. 1–Max. 15
Winner: 2–Janean!

I feel like I should add some sort of disclaimer about the fact that the first 3 random numbers selected my comment replies or pingbacks, so I had to keep trying. That, or I should find some other way of choosing a winner!

I went into work for a few hours this morning. I got a little less done than I wanted, but if our statements indeed show up next week, I’m pretty much out of commission for a few days. I’m hoping I can get a little more done come Monday, but we’ll see. I also have the final lunch meeting for a committee I’m on Tuesday afternoon, and I never miss out on free food (if I can help it!).

After I got home, we ran some errands, lazed around for awhile, and because I was itching to go for a walk, we popped down to the park for a little while. It was a LOT colder than I anticipated, but we had some fun. I tested out my camera for something other than food:

I also played around with my photo editing software a bit. After we got back from the park, we puttered around more, and I got started on dinner.

Meatloaf Pie, from The English Kitchen. Along with the best bowl of mashed potatoes I’ve made in YEARS.

They still didn’t rival my brother-in-law Don’s, but they were close.

I really liked the Meatloaf Pie, too. It only took half the time, and was really tasty. I told Jay that the next time I decide to make this, I might leave the oregano out of the ketchup/glaze (I just didn’t think it quite fit), and instead add some Tabasco sauce or some cayenne pepper to it. I’d probably pop it under the broiler just to crisp up the bacon a bit more, although that was kind of my own fault for nuking it in the microwave, instead of pan-frying it. No matter. It was still good, comforting food.

The recipe says it serves four, but I cut ours into six pieces, so there were lunch leftovers for next week. I rounded out my meal with a slice of the bambino’s birthday cake (Jay and I seem to be eating far more of it than he is!), and now I think I’m going to relax with my latest issue of Food & Wine. Have a good evening!

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6 Replies to ““Everybody’s workin’ for the weekend…””

  1. Haha my mom would faint if she read my blog. Cute :)
    That meatloaf pie reminds me of a chinese dish: ground meat on the bottom, eggs on top. Can’t remember what it is called though…
    And having a birthday cake for a baby is just an excuse to eat cake. Don’t deny it.

    • Ha–That’s why I keep a paper journal as well. The meatloaf pie was surprisingly delish. I will be making it again. And yeah, I think my son’s had 2, maybe 3 pieces of his b-day cake. All he does is eat the frosting off it. Which is why I chose my preference of whipped cream frosting, and marbled cake…Because I usually end up finishing his piece! :)

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