“There’s always someone around you who will call…”

I think having a bone fide bakery in town (not one that just does sweets, like Hagman’s did) has made me lazy about baking my own bread. Thanks to Buttercrust, I don’t really recall the last time I made my own bread. It’s time-consuming, although I had/have it down to a fairly quick routine, thanks to my bread machine. But they do SUCH good work! And while yes, it is more expensive than making my own, it’s so convenient, and I don’t mind spending my money there, in the hopes that they’ll stick around for a good long time. Heck, as long as they continue offering Burbach’s Milk and cream horns, I’ll be stopping in every few days!

The whole reason I mentioned it was due to the fact that we’re down to one slice of Buttercrust’s Nine-Grain bread…And since they’re not open on Sundays, I had to decide if I wanted to make bread myself, or I just wanted to wait until next week, for one of my frequent visits (we’re also down to one half-gallon of milk, which will mean a stop probably Monday after work). In the end, I decided against it, just because we still have about two-thirds of a loaf of Italian bread, that I can easily make into toast or sandwiches if I need.

Surprisingly, my loaf of brioche from a week and a half ago is still looking perfectly fine, unlike the grocery store rolls I ended up throwing away last week. I had to go and get more of those this afternoon, so I could make the Marlboro Man Sandwich, and some simple potato wedges.

I think it’s become Jay’s favorite sandwich too. I didn’t use the onions called for the in the recipe, but it was still delicious. Jay originally asked for only one sandwich. I went ahead and made four of them, and figured we’d use them for lunches this week. Jay was about halfway through his when he expressed his regret at only requesting one. His face lit up when I told him there was another in the kitchen for him!

This is another one I want to make again, very soon. I was going to make a Brown Sugar Cream Pie, again from The English Kitchen. However, we went to Jay’s parents’ for lunch, and dessert was a monster ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. I figured I’d hold off on the pie for a couple days, since there are still two pieces of birthday cake left, as well as ice cream. But since I felt like making something, I got to work on some Deep-Dish Brioche French Toast.

I can’t wait until breakfast tomorrow! The only change I made to it was to leave out the raisins. I loathe them, and Jay and the bambino can take or leave them. I’m more looking forward to the fact that there’s cream cheese in it! But now, I must ready the coffee maker, finish folding some laundry, and get me arse to bed!

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  1. Yummy! The Brown Sugar Cream Pie looks like my great-grandma’s butterscotch pie so let me know how it comes out. She used milk instead of double cream but added eggs. I always loved it. We should have a pie party!
    And maybe a breakfast party too…

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