Breakfast Bread and Other Ramblings

I don’t know what my issue is when it comes to egg bakes or bread puddings, but no matter what I make, I inevitably have to cook them longer than the recipe calls for. Like the Deep Dish Brioche French Toast I made┬áMonday morning.

It looked fine, but I had to bake it an extra 20 minutes, because after cutting into it, it was still rather liquidy underneath the first layer. I suppose if I had let it sit for 20-30 minutes, that might’ve made a difference, but the recipe didn’t suggest doing that.

It tasted perfectly fine. And there are a LOT of leftovers, so we’ll have breakfast all week!

I had my final committee meeting this afternoon, at The Pheasant. I didn’t break out the camera (for which a couple of my coworkers gave me some crap), but I kind of wished I had. I just got chicken strips and fries for my lunch, but after we were done eating, the girl who waited on us brought me a cup of the special roast that Cherrybean Coffee makes just for them. I usually ordered a cup of coffee once we were done eating and started the discussion segment of our meetings, and I thought that was really cool that she remembered that.

We scrounged for leftovers last night, but tonight I had the intention of cooking. I was going to make pasta and sauce, but I wanted to stop at Buttercrust because we’re almost out of milk. Ack! They were completely cleaned out, except for one quart of Cotton Candy-flavored milk! So we’ll have to swing back there tomorrow. We did pick up some flatbread though, which was good, because I had a different idea in mind for dinner. When I was perusing the internet this morning while drinking my coffee, I Stumbled Upon a recipe for some flatbread topped with ground beef and cheese.

Cheeseburger Flatbread Melts, from Kevin & Amanda. When I saw Buttercrust had flatbread, I decided we’d have these for dinner tonight. I didn’t follow the sauce recipe, but made my own barbecue sauce. Jay LOVED them. And they were quick to make, which is always a plus. Afterwards, I decided I wanted some dessert:

Mmmm. Ice cream.

With some Hershey’s syrup. I originally bought the ice cream to have alongside the bambino’s birthday cake, just because I really like cake and ice cream. But the bambino ate the last piece of cake last night, so ice cream is all that’s left. And there’s something homey and comforting about vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup on it.

I fear the rest of the week will be rather exhausting, as the statements showed up this morning. I also figure I’ll probably be working Saturday morning to catch up on filing or something. I have dinner plans for Saturday night, so that’s something to look forward to!

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