Monday’s Manicotti and Many, Many Cupcakes

I had three things I wanted to get done this weekend: Baking cupcakes to take into work, taking down the Christmas tree and laundry. Of course, I waited until Monday to do them all. I started the morning by making some Chocolate Spice Cupcakes. I thought they sounded good–I’ve been a big fan of chocolate and cinnamon together ever since I had Don Pablo’s Chocolate Volcano, back when I was in high school. I figured they’d be especially good topped with some delicious buttercream, and I kind of promised a few people at work treats once I got my new cupcake liners. How ridiculous of me, though, to purchase even MORE of them, while we were in Sioux Falls yesterday!

Yeah, I know. I need to get something larger to hold them all now!  I decided to try these out:

because I like color-coordination and all. But they came out like this:

Which is not a big deal. Once they’re frosted, no one will care!

Pretty little cupcakes. I do need to work on piping, though. I think my buttercream was just a little too stiff to really work with. Which was fine, because the second batch of buttercream I made was too thin! Oh well. They’re still edible! In between batches of frosting, I got dinner ready.

Manicotti, from my new Wiseguy Cookbook. I probably should’ve saved it for tomorrow night, since it’s supposed to get frigid, and we’re getting snow right now. But it’s a little time-consuming to make, and since I had the time today, I made it. It was SO good. I didn’t eat much during the day, so I inhaled my food.

I was tempted to go back for more, but I decided instead to try one of the treats I picked up at World Market yesterday:

I thought they sounded slightly better than the dark chocolate ones. Plus, how can you not love a cookie/biscuit made in Scotland?

It was good. It kind of reminded me of a stale Kit-Kat, made with caramel.

Which of course, didn’t stop me from eating the whole thing. And after that, I’m comfortably full…No need for flannel pants, but no need for anything else to eat tonight. I think I might make one last dish, though…As it’s going to be cold until next weekend, I think Baked Oatmeal sounds really good for tomorrow’s breakfast. And it was really nice last week, having all that Brioche French Toast to just pop in the microwave each morning. So, I think I’ll whip that up, once I read the bambino his bedtime story!

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    • Oh, I sometimes wish I’d never ventured beyond the selection at the grocery store. But I think it’s neat to have a fun collection, and I’m working on bettering my cupcake decoration, so I’m starting to accumulate piping tips as well! But you’re right, there are a lot of cute ones out there.

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