So Very Very Cold

Well, it finally happened the other day.

Winter decided to put in an appearance. And man, is it COLD! The kind of cold where the tears in your eyes or the snot in your nose freezes within seconds of you stepping outside. Our high for today is supposed to be -2°F. Yea!

Our outdoor thermometer is a bit misleading, since Jay moved it into the garage last night. He bought it in order to keep an eye on the air temp in there, because our garage is basically a paperboard shack with an ancient door, so it’s not all that insulated. And since we’ve had past car troubles that we suspect are related to the cold-ass winters, he wanted to know just how cold it would be in there.Tomorrow it’s supposed to start warming a bit, but between Thursday night and Friday afternoon, we’re supposed to get socked with 3 more inches of snow. Joy. And since Brookings has a new law about how soon you have to clear your sidewalks, I suppose Jay will be out Saturday morning with the shovel. If he does the walk, perhaps I’ll tackle the driveway. At least by then it’s not supposed to be so chilly. Which will be nice, as my SAD is in full-swing now. I have to remind myself that this time last year, I was basically having panic attacks from feeling trapped by the billion feet of snow we had piled up around us. This year is really not so bad.

Because of the cold, though, Jay wanted something spicy for dinner. He originally asked for chili, which would’ve been fine, although it takes almost 2 hours to cook. And we had to go get milk, which meant a trip to Buttercrust. I figured I might as well pick up some bread while there:

Whole wheat this time. I was tempted to get a loaf of ciabatta, but I figured the wheat would be better for PB&J, which is what the bambino likes as a snack…Or breakfast. And soeaking of breakfast, I picked up this beauty for myself:

A cinnamon chip scone. I’ll munch on that while I have my coffee. After we left Buttercrust, we picked up dinner:

Good old George’s. Jay and I had the Buffalo Chicken Pizza:

While the bambino had a burger. The pizza was spicy enough that my lips were tingling after a few bites, but it was good. I have to figure out what to make for tomorrow night’s dinner. I think for our dessert, I might make Hot Fudge Brownie Pudding. I also might not do anything, as we picked up more cookies from World Market last weekend. In the meantime, I’m going to try not to freak out about the snow that’s coming overnight!

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