No Sun & No Warmth Make Rachel Go Crazy

Kind of like this:

So does the lack of plows out and about during rush hour, the morning after we get snow! I found it rather ridiculous that this is what our main roads looked like Friday morning:

This is about two blocks away from the Brookings Hospital. You’d think the city would make the emergency route a higher priority, but I guess not. I did send a complaint to the city manager. Not surprisingly, I haven’t heard back, so I assume I’m not the only one. And just to state the obvious, I’m trying something a little different with my photo sizes for this post. Feedback is welcome.

And I suppose I shouldn’t complain. By the time Jay and the bambino picked me up from work last night, the streets were cleared (as cleared as they get in Brookings)…Even our street had been plowed! That almost never happened last year…Or the year before, now that I think about it. The sun also came out for a little while in the afternoon, but I was stuck inside, so it didn’t really matter. It also came out for a little while this afternoon, so I went out to grab a picture:

Which doesn’t really look all that sunny, does it? Oh well. It could be worse…And actually, tonight, I think there’s a chance we might get some sleet and/or freezing rain. Bah!

Jay went out to shovel almost first thing, so I spent most of the morning looking for recipes and reading cookbooks. I wish we had more than $35 this week to get groceries, but there wasn’t a whole lot we actually needed, outside of toilet paper (Oh, don’t laugh. Everyone uses it!). I get paid next week anyway, so I can do a proper trip then. I’m seriously in love with my Wiseguy Cookbook, and have bookmarked a LOT of recipes I want to try. Tomorrow night, I’m going to make another one–Baked Polenta with Sausage and Tomato Sauce. Dawn, one of my coworkers asked about the Manicotti recipe–My leftovers last week apparently awakened the Green-Eyes Monster in a few people! So here’s the link to it. Jay said that I can make it again any time, although I wound up eating his leftovers as well as my own!

I did want to make something warm and cozy for dinner tonight, and since we’ve been watching tons of Are You Being Served? lately, I thought I’d try my hand at some Lancashire Hot Pot (it’s mentioned frequently in the show).

It’s traditionally made with lamb, as well as onions, carrots, celery/rutabaga, but I used beef, left out the onions and rutabaga, and just doubled up on carrots. I suppose mine’s more of a beef stew-type dish, but I like the potato “crust” on top, instead of potato chunks.

Jay said it was excellent, and went back for seconds. The bambino ate his carrots before anything else (along with his bread and butter). After we were done eating, just because I could, I made some Hot Fudge Pudding Cake.

It’s easy and quick enough to pull together–I wanted dessert, and I was going to make some shortbread, but I forgot to take butter out to soften. Lucky for me, the butter required in this recipe is to be melted! Just like the ice cream I served this with:

And now, I think I hear some elastic waist pants calling me! Good night!

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12 Replies to “No Sun & No Warmth Make Rachel Go Crazy”

  1. Your pics look great! Even with all the drama here we are hoping for snow in Tahoe! Trip next week! I want to make that dish!

  2. Rachel, do you have any full-spectrum light bulbs where you live or work? They are expensive, but the GE Reveal bulbs are a cheapy version that might do the trick as well. The full spectrum bulbs mimic actual sunlight, so sitting near one might help your SAD a little bit. Also, have you tried taking any Vitamin D supplements? When you don’t get sunshine on your skin, people tend to become deficient in Vitamin D, and doctors are learning that vitamin D deficiency and depression are linked.
    Anyway, I hope you’re back to your chipper self soon. I like watching Are You Being Served? as well. Lately I’ve been hooked on Doc Martin, which is another British comedy/drama that you can stream on Netflix. Hilarious!

    • I think we just have fluorescent bulbs at work, and we’re switching to CFEs here at home. My MIL also suffers from SAD and she uses a light box (or she did) each morning. I might have to check out the GE Reveals, though. I usually do take Vitamin D in the winters–It’s actually been really nice until this week, so I haven’t needed it this year! Guess I should probably start popping them again–We’re supposed to get more snow tonight! :(

      I might have to check out Doc Martin…We’re on this BBC kick lately.

    • I actually would’ve preferred MORE potatoes on top…I don’t think I had enough potato coverage! The hot fudge pudding was a little TOO good, I’m afraid…My husband and I have almost finished it!

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