A Sick Child and Some Spicy Chicken

I got an unexpected day off today. The bambino’s been sounding rather stuffy lately, and this morning, he complained that one of his ears was hurting. So I called my boss at 7 this morning to tell him I wasn’t coming in, took Jay to work, and called the clinic. An hour and a half later confirmed what I already suspected: An infected right ear. We got the meds:

Antibiotics and little-people Zyrtec (generic version) for him; Adult Zyrtec for me. The mild, dry winter has been wreaking havoc on my allergies. That, and as Jay pointed out the other night, I really need to dust.

I know you’re not supposed to give children Gatoade when they’re sick or dehydrated, because of the salts in it, but honestly, if the bambino will actually drink it, I’ll let him have it. I don’t think he’s eaten a full meal at any sitting since last Friday. And the drainage from his sinuses is making his stomach flip-flop.

But enough about that. Because I had the day off (although I’m tending to a very clingy little boy), I figured I should actually cook a decent meal. Jay surprised me last night by buying some delicious steaks, which we had with baked potatoes and some corn, and while I had every intention of saving half my steak for today, before I knew it, I was taking my last bite! It’s been a long time since we’ve had chicken, so I picked some up while we were at the store, along with a few other items:

For this:

From this:

Jay picked it up for me the last time we were in Sioux Falls, since I like cookbooks, and I don’t think I use my crock pot enough. The recipe says you’re supposed to use Mexican beer, but I don’t drink it (beer, in general), and I wasn’t going to spend the extra money on something that will just sit in the fridge until the next time I have people over. At least with the ginger ale, I can say with certainty it will be polished off within the next 24 hours…Or less.

Cooking….It was really hard to wait for this to finish! But the end result was well worth it.

Creamy, cheesy chicken enchiladas. The heat from mixing the hot and mild enchilada sauces was just perfect for me. Enough to notice, without being completely overpowering.

I had to have seconds. And I’m excited for lunch tomorrow! Poor Jay won’t get to enjoy any of it until much later this evening…He found out at 2:30 this afternoon that he had to cover tonight’s city council meeting. Which starts at 5. How utterly rude, especially since the person who should’ve asked him to cover was around all day, and said nothing to him about it. I’m irritated about it on his behalf.

I think since I have the night to myself, I’ll maybe (finally) un-decorate the Christmas tree and put the rest of the holiday decorations away. You know they’ve been up too long when even your four-year-old starts making the point that “we should put the Christmas tree away, Mom.” Have a good evening!

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