Weekend Work

I decided yesterday (after some input from Jay) that today, I wanted to be super-productive, and actually DO things like the dishes and the laundry and straighten up the living room today, so that tomorrow, I could actually do what I wanted, minus having to go to Jay’s folks’ for lunch. Normally, I put all that crap off until the last possible minute on Sunday–As in, if I decide to make breakfast, I wait until after Meet the Press to start washing the dishes I need, or wait until after we get home from Jay’s parents’ to start the laundry (I do at least have it sorted by then). And then I wonder why I’m scrambling and running around up until I fall into bed exhausted every Sunday night!

So this morning, around 7:30, I sorted the laundry and got it going. I also emptied the dishwasher, cleaned the science experiments out from the fridge, and washed a bunch of pots and pans. I realize it doesn’t exactly sound like any huge accomplishment, but they’re all tasks I’d rather put off as long as possible. While I did that, Jay and the bambino tidied up the living room, which looks rather nice:

I got the laundry finished around 4:00, then got started on tonight’s dinner. Scalloped potatoes with ham:

And a side the bambino actually requested:

Green beans! I was surprised when he requested them, especially since he gagged while eating them, but I won’t turn down a request for a green vegetable. Lord knows I need to eat more of them myself. After dinner, I got into some ice cream:

Oh, Blue Bunny. How I love thee.

Chunks of chocolate and peanut butter. This ice cream will not last long. I can confidently say that it will probably be gone by this time tomorrow night.

And because I got all my work done today, I can lay around and do whatever I want tomorrow! Which, actually, I want to make cupcakes…And I’m going to make manicotti for tomorrow night’s dinner. I’m already excited for the leftovers!

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4 Replies to “Weekend Work”

  1. There is nothing better than Blue Bunny ice cream!

    I do the same thing with the household chores…I got out of bed early this morning and took care of everything so that I can bake and read and watch tv this afternoon!

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