It’s Finally Friday

What a week. I didn’t start sleeping well until Wednesday night. I’d told Jay that morning (after a third night of not falling asleep until close to midnight), that I was just going to go to bed when the bambino did, and hope for the best. Of course, the bambino was more than a little wound up that night, so I waited until shortly after 9. I last looked at the clock at 20 after, and the next thing I knew, my alarm was going off at 5.

I’m glad I did that, because the morning was rather stressful (for me anyway), and I kept having to run up and down the stairs more times in the span of a half-hour than I usually do all day. It calmed down considerably after that, but by then, I was wiped out. I repeated my going to bed early last night, although I don’t think I fell asleep until close to 9:30. Still, that’s a LOT better than seeing midnight come and go, and I don’t feel like a zombie any more.

Because I have to work tomorrow morning, I left at 12:30 this afternoon. I decided to get the grocery shopping out of the way…More because I’m lazy and don’t want to get up early tomorrow morning and do it! I decided that I’m going to lay off the sweets for awhile when it comes to baking (although I will still make the Hot Cocoa cookies), so when I saw a recipe for Flax Bagels on Eden’s blog, I figured I’d give them a shot. I’ve made pretzels before, and bagels are somewhat similar, in that you have to boil them both in a baking soda bath. That’s my baking project for Sunday, since I’m hoping to do a repeat of last weekend.

But I can’t make Flax Bagels if I don’t have any flax meal, so it was off to Hy-Vee I went! I stayed within budget (which was $70 this week), and got a fair amount. The pantry stuffs:

Including the flax meal for the bagels. I got more meat:

The bacon was $1.50/each…Which is awesome, considering a pound of bacon is usually over $4, even for the store brand! The pork shoulder is going to be Sunday night’s dinner–A vinegared pork roast, if you will. Which I think I’ll serve with the green beans and potatoes I also bought:

Karyn, a coworker, had them for lunch last week, and I thought they looked pretty good. Plus, I figured that green beans mixed with something else have a better chance of being eaten by the bambino. As well as myself! I didn’t get too much in the way of dairy:

But I figured that if they’re building a cheese plant here in town, I should maybe give the Laughing Cow a try.

I also found a pleasant surprise on the porch as I pulled up to the house. I got an order from Amazon!

New (to me) music for both myself and the bambino, and a new cookbook! Thanks to the points I’ve been earning through Social Moms, I got an Amazon gift card, which I promptly spent on some treats. I gave the bambino the choice of a couple TMBG CD/DVD combos, and he picked “Here Come the 123s.” Every so often, he’ll ask to watch what he refers to as “kids videos” on my computer–What he wants to see are the TMBG videos from 123s and ABCs that have been posted on YouTube. I figured I’d get him his own copy of the DVD so he can watch it whenever he wants. Jay’s got “Here Comes Science” on order for him as well, although I think that’s supposed to be a surprise.

And as I have a few minutes to kill before I head off to pick up Jay and the bambino, I think I might go change out of my work clothes, sort some laundry, and think about unloading the dishwasher! Happy Friday!

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  1. I’ll have to try that They Might Be Giants cd. There is a Bare naked Ladies one that the kids love & I can also listen to. There is a guy named Dan Zane who is very eclectic. I like him as much as the kids do. Good kid music is hard to find.

    • Lex LOVES it–Plus, it’s educational without being condescending, which is something I can’t stand. The songs are all goofy-kid-friendly, but that’s pretty much ANY TMBG song, now that I think about it! :)

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