Lamenting the Laundry and Laying About

I don’t have to do it that often, but working on Saturday mornings kind of bites. On the one hand, I usually get an afternoon during the week off. That’s nice for things like just decompressing, running some errands, or even cleaning the house. I also like doing the grocery shopping then, just because everyone and their dog seems to do it Saturday mornings–If I can’t get to the store until 8 or later, I usually wait until about 3 before I’ll attempt going. I’ve said before, if I ever turn into one of those old people who stands in the middle of the cereal aisle talking about my aches and pains, or Jay’s aches and pains, or whatever it is the bambino’s doing with his life, someone please shoot me. Seriously. I’ll chat for 5 minutes or less if I run into someone I know while out shopping, but I do move my cart to the side, or just keep trucking along. Apparently once you reach a certain age, manners just fly out the window, and they no longer count. Then you get to do things like run into a young mother while on your rascal, and then back away without apologizing (yes, this happened to me once…In the meat department. Jay went charging after the old coot to make him apologize to me, but the guy disappeared into a sea of grey hair and shuffling feet.).

But enough about the grocery store. My whole (whiny) point is that while Jay and the bambino got to watch some cartoons and tidy up the living room, I shuffled papers around and thought about hanging out in my absolute favorite place at work–The file room (I almost typed ‘tomb” there…Suppose that’s a Freudian slip?). No big deal, though. It’s actually easier to get some filing done on Saturdays, since our department isn’t that busy at all. However, I decided in the end, that I was just going to wait until next week.

All I really wanted to do, though, was to get the laundry started and finished, and maybe do some baking. But when I got home, we puttered around for about 20 minutes before heading off to get some lunch. I took us to Backyard Grill, although I’d kind of hoped for a burger from George’s. Of course, it’s probably one too many George’s burgers that’s responsible for the 1.2 lbs. I gained back this week. Dammit. I did have another bowl of fruit, yogurt and granola for breakfast…And this time, I didn’t really get hungry until I was about ready to leave work. Maybe it’s because today, I pretty much sat on my butt for the majority of the morning!

And after we had lunch, we popped over to Buttercrust. I needed bread. I was hoping for Ciabatta, but they didn’t have it today. Instead, I got a lovely baguette:

Granted, baguettes are French, and I was making Italian for dinner tonight.

Henry Hill’s Mom’s Manicotti. It was just as delicious the second time. And the baguette did just fine in sopping up all the sauce.

I am not usually excited for leftovers, but in this case, I can’t wait for Monday’s lunch! Normally when I need marinara, I use Amy’s Marinara. This time, though, I picked up some Rao’s Tomato Basil Marinara. I liked this a LOT more than the Amy’s, even though it’s slightly chunkier than I’d like. It gave the dish more depth, more flavor. I think even it, at $7/jar, I will continue to buy this…And the Amy’s.

And now, Jay and I are going to finish up season 5 of Dexter! The laundry has been finished, so I can slack off tomorrow!

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  1. I had to crack up laughing when you wrote about the “grey hairs” at the grocery store. I learned the hard way that Tuesday is my grocery store’s Senior Citizen Day. This is a BIG DEAL around here, too. I mean, they bring buses from the assisted living facility for the seniors to do their shopping! It’s crazy! I should be glad that the seniors on the buses aren’t actually driving though, as it seems like most of the elderly who clog up that parking lot probably shouldn’t be driving at all. But you are so right, they stop to talk with each other SMACK DAB in the middle of the aisle! And don’t get me started on their bargain hunting and comparison shopping. Why do you have to take 10 minutes to pick out a jar of mayo, for cryin’ out loud?! Just grab a jar of the brand you like and move along!
    If I’m there with my two boys, neither of them can’t leave without getting their faces squeezed. What is it with old folks, they think they can just go around poking at other people’s kids like that!?
    I thought it was just me being cranky, so your rant about the fogeys in the store made me feel a little better about myself. Thanks!

    • Don’t forget digging in their purses for all the coupons too! I know I’ll get there one day, and some other young whippersnapper is going to complain about me doing all those things I hate old people doing now…But I swear, I think whatever common sense seniors have gets left in the car once they enter the grocery store. I always want to yell at them to go and sit down in the cafeteria (our store has one) if they’re going to chat with their next door neighbors!!! /endrant

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