It’s Super Bowl Sunday and I Don’t Care

I do not care about football. I don’t care about the Super Bowl, or who wins. I don’t even get into the food, since I never get into parties and whatnot. The only thing I care about is The Voice coming on after the game.

Since getting most everything done yesterday, I’ve done almost nothing today. Which is almost too bad, since it was gorgeous outside:

Almost all the snow is gone, and I don’t believe we’re supposed to get any more any time soon.

In retrospect, I wish we’d gone for a walk.

I decided not to make a big breakfast, and instead had a bowl of cereal. We went over to Jay’s parents’ for lunch today, and my father-in-law delivered on his promise of prime rib. It’s somewhat of a joke that at least once a month, he claims he’ll get a prime rib roast for me, but then finds some excuse for doing so. Last weekend he said something about it, and I told him I was going to call him on it if he didn’t fix one this time. We got over there, and lo and behold, he was just about to pull the roast out of the oven! We ate enough this afternoon, that other than the bambino, Jay and I didn’t even bother with dinner.

After we got home, I did get myself involved in some cookie-making. The Hot Cocoa Cookies. They came together easy enough, and looked good enough:

However, my first batch was a HUGE failure.

The mini-marshmallows melted, and I didn’t space out my first batch too well, so they spread out even more.

I thought maybe they just looked really ugly, but would taste perfectly fine. Nope. They stuck to the parchment paper, and were super-soft, so they broke when I tried to peel them off. I did discover that once I let them fully cool on the cookie sheet, they were easier to get off then. Of course, by that time, I’d thrown out the rest of the cookie dough. I think the problem was in using regular mini-marshmallows. They just melted, which is all fine and well if you’re making s’mores. But in cookies? Not so much. I know the blogger Iowa Girl Eats got the recipe from used some new mallow “bits.” I know I’ve seen them here in Brookings somewhere, but I didn’t bother looking too hard for them, and thought the regular mini-marshmallows would work fine. Plus, I was thinking that the bambino could eat them as a snack. The dough did taste really good, so I might try these again, if I can track down the mallow bits (I gather they’re just freeze-dried marshmallows–The kind that you find in packets of cocoa).

I think maybe I should’ve made Eden’s bagels instead!

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    • I got impatient Sunday night, so I didn’t see the first episode. But yeah, I like the idea behind it better than American Idol. I don’t have a competitive bone in my body–I just like the music!

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