“Please please please let me get what I want…”

I’m rather excited and hopeful about something, and I can’t really say what yet (I’m NOT pregnant, for anyone who’s thinking that…We’re not even planning on trying till the end of this year or the beginning of next anyway)…I just ask any of my readers to say a little prayer to your deity of choice, or just send good thoughts and wishes my way. I really REALLY could use them.

I had an annoying morning. I slept like crap–My left foot hurts randomly, and I got overly paranoid that I was on the verge of a stress fracture. I had one in my right foot, thanks to kicking my bureau in anger back in college. It bruised horribly, and probably six months later, I started feeling pain in it when I’d walk or move it in certain directions. One morning I woke up and basically had to drag my foot along behind me because it was too painful to lift it up. My grandma made me an appointment with her podiatrist, and after looking over the X-rays they took, I had a tiny fracture in one of the bones in my foot. My left foot is hurting the same way my right one did before it fractured. So, being the generally-anxiously-disordered person I am, I immediately thought I’d have to shuffle around and be in immense pain again. Once I got to work, things seemed to be back to normal, although I was making a conscious effort to avoid putting too much pressure on the one side of my foot. But because of that, I didn’t seep that well, which is never good. There was other stuff that irritated the crap of me, but we don’t need to go into that.

My original plan for dinner this evening was going to be pizza. But while we were out getting cheese, we briefly toyed with the notion of going to Guadalajara. However, because he got a new toy while we were out, he wanted to come home and play with it. So I got working on the pizzas. Sausage for Jay, and cheese for the bambino and me.

I really don’t know how people use bread dough as pizza dough. Every time I’ve tried it, I never get it circular. At least they look kind of rustic. Sort of. Not really. And the crust on mine and the bambino’s puffed up more than I was expecting. It was okay–Nothing special. I think from now on, I should just make my own pizza dough. After I ate a couple pieces of pizza, I got some ice cream:

With Hershey’s syrup. I wish I had some hot fudge…I would’ve melted some peanut butter and made a sundae with the two. But since I don’t, the chocolate syrup was fine.

And now, because I’m exhausted, I think I’ll call it a night!

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