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Even when I’m at home, I’d rather spend the day busy and in the midst of stuff than sitting around all day, reading the internets. Don’t get me wrong–Days like that have their place too. But I’d rather keep active and feel like I’ve actually accomplished something more than getting out of my pajamas. Today was no exception. I had a couple baking projects in mind, since Jay gave me a free pass to skip Sunday dinner with his parents this week. The bambino had asked for a dessert of some kind last night, but it was too late to do much of anything once I got dinner on the table and we were done eating. So I figured I’d make some brownies sometime today, in between laundry loads and the other projects I wanted to get into. Like these:

The Ham & Cheese Pop Tarts. As I mentioned before, I did make my own dough rather than go out and get puff pastry, which is what I’d rather have done! But I’m not spending over $5 on something I can (in theory) make more easily at home. I used whole wheat pastry flour and had to add about 1/4 C of milk, as opposed to just 2 Tbsp. called for in the Ezra Pound Cake recipe, but it worked.

Jay and I each had three. The bambino took a bite out of his and that was it. Maybe next time, I’ll make a sweet variety and use up some of those Nutella samples! I also got out the juicer, because the bambino requested I make Strawberry-Pineapple juice this weekend. I was already buying pineapple for Jay to snack on, so we got some berries, and I juiced them.

The juice foam is my favorite part. And the strawberry-pineapple combo was especially delicious. I’m impressed at the bambino’s creativity.

Momentary aside, to spam commenter Adriana: If I haven’t approved your “Thanks for share!” comment the first 20 times you’ve left it, what makes you think continuing to leave it on my blog is going to result in anything different? QUIT WASTING MY TIME!!!!

Okay, so back to the food…After breakfast and after Jay and the bambino headed over to Sunday dinner, I got to work on some brownies. The Pioneer Woman’s Mocha Brownies, which are in her first cookbook. While those were cooling, I got to work on the flax bagels:

I’m not sure exactly why they cracked this time, but I’m sure they taste fine. While those were cooling, I got to work on making the frosting for the brownies:

I was going to halve the frosting recipe, but then decided I’d do as PW suggests, and lay the frosting on super-thick. Naturally, that is the only portion of the brownie the bambino has eaten.

I petered out after that, and for all my talk yesterday about needing to eat at home and not eat out so much, we ended up going to Guadalajara for dinner. I thought about making homemade mac & cheese, but even that seemed to be too much work. So we went out, and my plan for the rest of the evening involves readying some baked oatmeal for tomorrow, and then sitting on my butt until bedtime! Have a great evening everyone!

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