Monday Munchies

We’re supposed to get socked by a blizzard starting starting early tomorrow morning. Yay. I can’t wait. I shouldn’t complain–Our area has dropped to just a Winter Storm Warning, but still. We all have dentist appointments tomorrow and we’ll be slip-sliding our way there.

As such, this evening, we ran errands after Jay and the bambino picked me up from work. We were out of peanut butter, and in the event that we’re stuck in the house all day Wednesday, I wanted to get more milk. Once we came home I got to work on dinner:

Tubetti cacio e uova–Except that I was out of tubetti (I had to bug Hy-Vee for weeks to start carrying it), so I used pastina instead. It was still delicious and a warm, comfort-food meal.

And there were lots of leftovers, which means I have lunch for the next 2 days!

While we were out and about, I came across these:

I don’t recall the last time I bought Oreos, but anything “birthday cake flavored” can’t be bad, right? Plus, they’re just cute.

Hooray for Oreos! It’s funny, though…Working for a bank, when I hear “oreo” I don’t immediately think of the cookie. I think “other real estate owned.”

Real estate doesn’t have sprinkles, and isn’t this much fun!

Jay decided this evening that he wants to get up early tomorrow and do our Jillian Michaels’ Yoga Meltdown DVD. I suppose I should get myself to bed early and get up with him. I need the work out as much as he does!

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