Triple Stops

Ah, to be a “cherry-picking” grocery shopper. It’s sometimes fun, and sometimes tedious having to run 3 different places, but it’s worth it to me. First up was Hy-Vee.

Jay came with the bambino and I this time, and wanted to look at bags of dirt at traM-laW…Except that their garden stuff isn’t fully out yet. I suppose it is only March 3, in South Dakota so it’s still a bit early yet. I came across something I found a little scary:

Yikes. But that being said, as soon as I have the opportunity, I WILL visit the SPAM Museum in Austin, Minnesota, the next time we take a road trip! I just got a couple things while we were there:

I got some new makeup too, but I didn’t really think that needed to be in the picture. I’ve used the same foundation and pressed powder for years–Cover Girl’s Clean Makeup (in Ivory, since I’m pale as a ghost). However, as I’ve gotten more into my thirties, my skin’s become more and more like the Sahara, so I’m going to give the Aqua Smoothers line a try, and see if that helps my forehead look less like sandpaper!

After we were done at traM-laW, we grabbed a bite to eat at Perkins. It wasn’t on the agenda but I was hungry, and once we sat down, Jay realized he was too. We popped into Runnings, but didn’t buy anything there. And once we were done in Runnings, we headed over to Buttercrust. We needed more milk:

I swear, I cannot drink regular supermarket milk anymore. It just doesn’t taste as good. Buttercrust has spoiled me. I also got a big loaf of Italian bread:

I have plans for that early next week. Along with the arugula. I also picked up these beauties:

Gigantic Red Velvet Whoopie Pies.

I really think I only needed to buy one of them though.

I took that one bite and was done. They are incredibly rich. But very very good. Maybe I’ll just work on it throughout the rest of the day. In the meantime, I’m trying to decide if I want to go and take a nap or start on the laundry. Someone woke me up at 10 till 5 this morning, complaining that his covers were tangled up and twisted, and an hour and a half later, screeched about having to go to the bathroom. And since I didn’t go to bed until almost 11 last night, I’m rather exhausted now. Maybe I’ll just retire to the couch and doze for awhile!

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4 Replies to “Triple Stops”

  1. That ” one bite ” thing never happens to me. I guess I’m ” all or nothing” when it comes to desserts. Usually ” all” though ;)

    • Well, the real reason I only ate one bite is because about 30 minutes before buying it, I had stuffed myself with a huge breakfast/brunch…I should’ve waited awhile before I dug into it! And it’s huge enough that all 3 of us have been picking at it all afternoon & we still haven’t made a dent in it!

  2. I still wear the same cover girl make up too! The other day I was thinking – is this making me look as young as I want to look? I might have to step up to the big girl make up soon.

    • I think I’m going to have to give up the matte look I’ve loved for so long…I need to find makeup that’s going to “float” above my wrinkles instead of sinking into them! :D At least I’m not considering the “age-defying” makeup yet!

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