Another week down…

Gods, what another incredibly crazy-busy week. This is why I love/hate tax season. My department’s the only one that gets swamped like this, and while I like staying busy (it beats sitting there watching the clock, wondering when the day is going to be through), I don’t like being so busy that I have to keep re-writing my to-do list each day, adding to the next day all the stuff I couldn’t get done the previous day! And for the past two weeks, that’s where I’ve been.

Last night I met up with Melissa and a couple other coworkers for some drinks and cheap appetizers:

That blue drink was a Blue Raspberry (Vodka) Lemonade. And it was just what I needed yesterday. Possibly even today, too.

It feels like little things are just piling up or that the Universe is once again conspiring to make me as miserable as possible. For example, I was incorrect in my assumption about the free gelato. I did get a t-shirt, though:

And on the back:

Guess it’s a good thing I had Jay buy me that Hy-Vee Gelato the other night, eh?

Jay told me when he and the bambino picked me up that there’s a chance our water heater could be leaking. Fabulous. Just what I wanted to hear after the horrible week I’ve had. So now, of course I’m stressed to the point that my jaw hurts (I have TMJ issues and when I get stressed, I clench my jaw shut), because I’m freaking out that the bottom of the water heater is going to drop out at any moment now. And in the meantime, we went grocery shopping, just to get it out of the way.

Usually, grocery shopping is one of my more favorite activities, and I find the whole process oddly soothing. Except on Friday nights–It seems like everyone and their dog feels the need to hit up the grocery store after work.

I’m going to try going back to yogurt, peanut butter toast and some fruit for breakfast.

This is why I hate going shopping without a grocery list, and why I take 24 hours or more to prepare for grocery shopping. I completely forgot that we had 2 packages of chicken in the freezer from the last time I went shopping!

Those granola bars were most definitely not on my mental shopping list, but the bambino had a little kid-sized shopping cart, and since those were at his level, he decided I needed a treat. He stuck them in his little cart, and we moved on to Buttercrust.

While we were at Hy-Vee, we picked up a bunch of sesame chicken and rice for dinner, but since there was pizza dough at Buttercrust, I thought I’d grab some.

I have some Italian sausage that will make for a very delicious homemade pizza tomorrow night.

My mom managed to talk me down off the water heater ledge this evening (thanks Mom!), so I think maybe I’ll just try not to worry about it for right now. I’m going to get up at my usual time of 5-5:30 and get started on the laundry ASAP. At least we’ll have clean clothes for the week! I’m also going to work on my St. Patrick’s Day treats (cupcakes, of course) although that’s going to require a trip to the liquor store.

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  1. Great to see you last night! Sorry I talk too much. Glad to see you stocked up on the HyVee butter during the two day sale. Nothing excites this town more than cheap butter.

    • Shoot, you don’t talk too much! I feel like we never have enough time! And I’m still clinging to the hope that I’ll have something to celebrate in the next week or so…And yes, cheap butter. With as much baking as I do, I can’t afford NOT to stock up! I’ve decided though, after going to the SDSU Dairy/Ice Cream place there downtown I’m going to start buying my butter there. Yeah, I’ll have to cut my own sticks, but I think I can handle that. They only charge $3.09/lb…Which is cheaper than Hy-Vee’s non-sale price. Shop local, right?! :)

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