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I loathe Daylight Savings Time. It’s seriously cruel to those of us who suffer chronic insomnia…You take away a precious hour of the sleep we’re already not getting. In spite of our workout, my physical and mental exhaustion Sunday AND making it a point to go to bed early…I apparently thrashed around so much and was snoring so loudly, poor Jay was driven to sleep on the couch around midnight. And then at 6 AM, I was wide-awake…Since my brain thought it was 5. I did manage to doze for a bit, until at about 7:10, I was treated to the bambino’s version of TMBG’s “Robot Parade.”

On a completely unrelated note, I’m discovering a new appreciation for TMBG, since the bambino’s currently in love with them. I think I was in 8th or 9th grade when “Ana Ng” came out, and I dismissed them as a couple of weird nerds, probably because I was already angsty and had discovered grunge. And while I still think they’re a couple of geeks, I personally have grown to accept and appreciate my own geekiness, I married a geek, and I’m pretty sure I’m raising a geek. But it’s okay. And TMBG aren’t as bad as I once thought they were.

But anyway…I discovered something odd when I went to make some oatmeal Sunday morning. I’d been perusing The English Kitchen, and came upon a post for some pinhead/steel cut oats. At the moment, all I have is Quaker Old Fashioned Oats, which, I have to say, I’m less than impressed with. I like thick oatmeal, with a lot of the water cooked out–I don’t like runny, thin porridge. I’ve made plain old oatmeal twice now with the Quaker oats, and they do not thicken up the way I like. I really only bought them because when they were last on sale, they were cheaper than the Hy-Vee brand, which is usually what I get (which cook up better).

Because of that, I thought I’d try cooking the oats with milk this time rather than with water. I don’t know if this has more to do with the fact that I was using skim milk, or because it’s not “grocery store” milk, but while it was coming to a boil, the milk burned to the bottom of my saucepan!

Those dark “patches” in the oats are chunks of burned milk. I didn’t want to throw the oats out, so I made us eat it anyway…But I guess that’s something I’m going to have to watch out for the next time I have to cook with milk!

While Jay and the bambino ventured off to his folks’ for Sunday dinner, I got to work on a few projects that were easier completed without the two of them roaming about the house and getting in my way. One was the Dublin Mudslide Cupcakes. The other was (finally) cleaning most of the bathroom and mopping the floor in there and in the kitchen. Ugh. I hate sweeping and mopping more than anything, I really do, which is why I don’t do it that often!

Yesterday seemed rather long, and last night wasn’t any better as far as sleeping goes. We didn’t get to bed until almost 10:30, and coupled with already losing an hour of sleep…It made for another long, drawn-out day. And we had a conference at the bambino’s preschool, but that at least meant I got to leave a little early this afternoon! I had a dinner idea in mind for today, but not having the energy to walk home over my lunch break, I went with something else (Oh, and the conference went just fine–Our child is awesome, and is right where he needs to be).

Steak and Arugula wraps. My original intent was to get out the crock pot and make a recipe for something I found called Island Kielbasa. A coworker of Jay’s gave him some smoked sausage that I’ve been holding off on using, just because I wanted to find something different to do with it. However, again, I didn’t bother with walking home over my lunch break because I’m a lazy and tired slob, so I went with the quicker/easier alternative. And no one in my house will turn away steak.

I thought about getting out sweet potato fries, but I thought since we’re having steak, some steak fries were better-suited for the side. It wasn’t much, but it was on the table by 6:30. I’ll have to work on something of a little more substance for tomorrow night!

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    • Thanks Jenny! :) My only complaints about the steak were that I cooked a little too long (but it was a ribeye, so it’s hard to screw one of those up) and the steak-to-arugula ratio was a bit off. Next time, I’ll buy a bigger slab of beef!

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