Let the Good Times Roll…

The past couple days have been spectacularly horrible…I’ve been walking home for lunch this past week, both because me arse needs to shrink a bit, and because it’s been SO nice out. I almost feel like we’ve been given the gift of awesome weather for the past six months, and that I shouldn’t waste it by parking myself indoors at the break room computers at work. That, and stupid Daylight Savings Time has kicked my butt, and I’ve been too slow to get going in the mornings and haven’t packed myself a lunch. And while I have been cooking for most of the week, it’s all been stuff that didn’t leave much for leftovers.

But anyway, on Thursday, when I was heading home for lunch, I got cut off at the crosswalk, by someone I don’t like, and who doesn’t like me, and I got a little pissed off about it. Had it been some random stranger, and had I not been a stone’s throw from the front door of my place of employment, I probably would’ve just flipped them off, yelled “M-F-er!” and been on my merry way. But because of who it was that cut me off, I got pissed about it, and it just set the tone for the rest of the afternoon. And after talking to my dad later that night, he’s got some potential issues flaring up again, so he’s going to have to have some G/I tests run in a couple weeks. Bummer.

And that thing, I said I wasn’t going to talk about unless there was something to talk about? Yeah, I applied for and didn’t get a job with another department at the bank. I’m honestly not surprised about it, but it still sucks because no matter how they spin it, you (at least I do) always think it comes across as, “Thanks, but you’re just not good enough.” So I was bummed about that for most of the day.

We had to run errands after Jay and the bambino picked me up Friday night, and we ended up going to Nick’s for dinner. While we were there, I noticed a big glob of something in one of the bambino’s eyes. I dread pinkeye, and after checking on him while he slept that night, that eye was glued shut, and when I did get it pried open, his eyeball was all red. Urgent Care, here we come.

And finally, while I was online Friday night, I somehow downloaded a super-awesome Trojan horse onto my laptop that wiped out Firefox and caused the computer to crash. Thank gods I have a wonderfully computer-literate husband who can repair such things, and I managed NOT to lose anything of value (ie. all my pictures, which I really need to back-up…I am horrid at doing that). It only took him an hour to get me back up and running.

Then Saturday morning, I read Eden’s post, cried, both because I felt like a petty jackass about my minor problems and because my heart breaks for her, so I sucked it up and put on my big girl pants. I did confirm my suspicion that the bambino has pinkeye at the urgent care clinic, after keeping my rescheduled hair appointment. So if nothing else, I had cute hair for the day. And by today, hopefully, the bambino’s eye will begin clearing up. I needn’t complain. I have a job, a relatively healthy little boy, absolutely gorgeous weather for it being March in South Dakota, my laptop works, I’ve got a roof over my head, and food for my table. Things could be a LOT worse. We are missing out on a trip to Inwood, Iowa, to visit Jay’s grandmother and some other aunts, but the bambino’s cousins will be there, and for at least part of today, the pinkeye is still contagious, so we bailed.

Jay had asked yesterday about me fixing a big Sunday breakfast, but I’ve been incredibly lazy between yesterday and this morning. Instead, I found another recipe on Bake-Off.com and made some lunch (You still have plenty of time to enter my giveaway here).

Buffalo Chicken Paninis.

And a plain chicken sandwich for the bambino (he asked very nicely if I would take a picture of his food, so I did).

In spite of being incredibly messy, they were delicious. Plus, I really liked the grilled bread. I did change the recipe a little. I added 3 tablespoons of butter to the wing sauce while I was heating up the chicken, and instead of blue cheese (which I don’t like), I used provolone.

Laundry is on the agenda for the rest of this afternoon. We popped out to the store to get a few items, and in a little while, I need to get started on tonight’s dinner. Steaks & baked potatoes. Yum!

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3 Replies to “Let the Good Times Roll…”

  1. I’m with ya on that whole blue/bleu cheese cheese thing. That stuff’s seriously nasty!

    I’m also with ya on backing up digital photos. I seriously need to do that more often, too.

    As for not getting the job, here’s my theory: You’re too valuable doing the job you currently do. Really. You gotta realize that department heads talk to each other, and they don’t let their valuable employees go without a fight. I mean it.

    • I am not a fan of the stinky cheeses. A super-sharp cheddar is about all I can handle!

      Jay backed up about 6 months’ worth of photos for me…Apparently I’ve got 8GB of food photos just on the laptop, and we’ve had it less than 2 years!

      I’m one who believes that things work out for a reason…Right now, I have one coworker who’s battling leukemia, and another who’s been out over a month, so I suspect that someone higher up knows I need to stay where I’m at for the time being. I’m bummed, but not completely upset about it.

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