Poor People’s Potatoes

I’m kind of excited for tomorrow…I get to leave a little early. The downside is that I’ll have to work Saturday morning. I could still just work and take the overtime, but I have some serious Spring Fever. I’ll take whatever extra daylight I can get! I’ll run a few errands and have a little time to myself before I have to go and pick up Jay and the bambino.

We ran errands this evening after work as well…I needed some tomato paste for tonight’s dinner:

Patate dei Poveri. Good for those nights (like tonight) when I don’t take out any meat to thaw. It’s really simple to make as well. Olive oil, garlic, tomato paste and potatoes.

Every time I make this, I always think the tomato paste should melt into more of a sauce than it does. It always works out in the end, though.

Tomato-y, garlicky, delicious. And I bought a couple take-and-bake boules to go with:

As it turned out, we only needed one boule, but I can find a use for the other one tomorrow night. I’m sure when I’m out and about tomorrow afternoon, I’ll make my way to the grocery store yet again!

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