“See a little light…”

I like being busy and having a lot to do, but I also like some downtime, and time to regroup and relax. I had training at work on Thursday and Friday. Thursday night, I met up with a few people for some drinks and snacks. Friday night, I didn’t have anything to do, other than finish The Hunger Games. Yesterday, I worked in the morning, went to Sioux Falls, then went to see the movie version of The Hunger Games (which I thought cut out quite a bit from the book, but it was still good).

Today, I had laundry to get done, as well as grocery shopping and having lunch at Jay’s folks’. We have a decent amount of food, but I needed a few extra things–Mainly decent snacks and other items, as on Tuesday, I start up with Weight Watchers again. I’m far closer to 200 lbs. than I ever thought I would be, and I know myself well-enough to know that I need help. Jay’s actually somewhat on-board this time, so I think that will help a lot too.

The dairy. As I don’t officially start Weight Watchers until Tuesday, I’ve been treating this weekend as my last hurrah, as it were, and as such, that pint of Ben & Jerry’s disappeared rather quickly. I wish I could say how good it was, but I can’t exactly taste a whole lot right now. My boss very kindly shared his cold with me, and while I thought I might’ve escaped it relatively unscathed, it kicked in pretty good last night and into today. So I’m a little clogged up at the moment.

The pantry goods. I’m going to make a baked oatmeal recipe my mom sent me awhile back, but it calls for dried cherries. I do not like dried cherries, but I do like dried cranberries, so I’m substituting those instead.

The produce. I felt like a bad mom when the bambino wanted a banana for breakfast yesterday morning, and I had to tell him we didn’t have any. My latest issue of Taste of Home had a recipe for an arugula salad with golden raisins, sliced almonds and shaved parmesan. As I don’t like golden raisins either, I figured I’d swap in more dried cranberries.

My intention was to make some chicken enchiladas, a la Gina at Skinnytaste (a good resource for Weight Watchers-friendly recipes, and I’ve read tons of other food bloggers highly recommend her), but said cold, being out so late (I didn’t get home until after midnight), and being woken up at 6:30 this morning contributed to me zonking out on the couch for a little over an hour. By the time I woke up, it was a quarter after 5, and I still needed to unload the dishwasher, and wash a few pots and pans. Enter George’s Pizza.

There is still one load of laundry finishing up in the dryer and I should figure out what I’m going to do for lunch tomorrow. Hope everyone had a good weekend!

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3 Replies to ““See a little light…””

  1. I didn’t think they cut too much from the book. I liked the movie & felt it was fairly accurate. I was happy!

    I just made the Margarehita chicken quesidillas from Taste of Home yesterday and am making the sausage broccoli calzone tonight. I’m bored with cooking & need some new things to cook because we are trying to save money & stop eating out.

    Taste of Home has an app for the iPad that makes the recipes look awesome & lets me email the ingredients to my phone so I don’t forget while shopping. sweet!

    • I thought the romance between Katniss & Peeta was a little unrealistic…I don’t think it would’ve made sense if I hadn’t read the book. But that’s just me. I liked the movie, I just thought it could’ve flowed a little better.

      We seriously need to quit eating out, too. Plus, with being on Weight Watchers now, I need to be more careful with what I eat.

      I’m starting to wish I had an iPad or iPhone now….All these apps sound so cool (Mel mentioned on facebook about a tracking/weight loss one she uses on her phone)!

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