It’s Monday….

And what a Monday it’s been. Actually, it hasn’t been TOO awful, as far as Mondays go. I’ve just spent the whole day feeling like crap because of my cold, and because I slept horribly last night. Most everyone in our department was either at training or outside appointments, so it was rather peaceful, and I managed to get a lot done.

Once I got home, I was busy again–Working on tonight’s dinner:

Skinny Chicken Enchiladas
, from Skinnytaste.

I had to change the recipe slightly–I didn’t use the chilis in adobo, mainly because I didn’t have them. And I didn’t want to buy something I might not use all that frequently. Instead, I used some of the chili powder Jay made a couple years ago…Which, for sitting on top of the microwave for two years, is still rather potent. I think I used maybe a quarter of a teaspoon in the enchilada sauce as well as the chicken mixture, and it was hot enough that even in my clogged-up-can’t-smell-or-taste-anything state, I could feel the heat.

I will admit that it pains me somewhat to know that I could only have one of these, and a miniscule serving of yellow rice. I’m determined to actually follow Weight Watchers and not get complacent about it like I have before, so I am controlling my portions and sticking to NOT snacking (okay, I did have a piece of chicken while I was assembling the enchiladas), even though we don’t officially start until tomorrow.

But I figure that if I can’t even make it through one full day of sticking to my points, and tracking what I eat, I’m never going to succeed in taking this weight off. So that’s what I had, even though I could’ve eaten about 2 or 3 more enchiladas. At least I’ve got plenty of leftovers for lunch for the rest of this week!

And now, I’m going to concentrate on The Voice, so I can avoid thinking about making the break-and-bake cookies in my fridge!

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5 Replies to “It’s Monday….”

  1. And yeah…My willpower against the cookies didn’t last. I made them, then promptly ate 6 of them. No wonder I need to be on Weight Watchers!

  2. Tee hee, I’m the same way with these cookies we bought from a kid in our neighborhood. Fundraiser for wrestling…anyway, I had to bake and eat them all so they wouldn’t tempt me anymore!

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  4. I just made these enchiladas tonight & they were delicious! Thanks for introducing me to that skinny taste site. Joe’s been wanting healthier food to help him lose weight. I also made her lime, cilantro shrimp which was also very good.

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