Day One

Well, I went to my first Weight Watchers meeting in about two years.

Our leader this time around is an older woman, who has white hair with purple tips. She’s interesting, for sure. I tried to spend last week getting reacquainted with tracking and being more mindful of everything I was eating. Today, I have to get serious about it. I’ve already eaten through my daily points, and a few (more than I’d like) of my weekly points…And I was tempted to do like I did the last time…Not track or write down everything I ate. However, this time around, I am going to make myself track everything I eat, and work on not stuffing everything in my gullet.

And so for dinner tonight, I made a sandwich based off another Skinnytaste recipe.

Roast Beef, Arugula and Shaved Parmesan on Ciabatta (instead of a baguette). And a few steak fries. I was rather surprised that Jay liked them as much as he did, but I know something is good whenever he tells me I can make it again (which he also did with last night’s enchiladas, as well).

I would’ve liked maybe some Italian dressing on the sandwich, but overall, I liked it. I liked it enough that I’m taking a sandwich tomorrow for lunch! I discovered this afternoon that my enchilada and 1/3 C of yellow rice did NOT hold me over at all. I inhaled my lunch as soon as I was done weighing in, and by 2 this afternoon, my stomach was rumbling again! Which led to me snarfing some leftover nachos during my afternoon break. D’oh! I am in the process of planning out tomorrow’s meals, and hopeful that I won’t have this problem again!

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