“Conjunctivitus, what’s your function?”

Man…I HATE pinkeye. Hate it. I never even got it until I was an adult, and even then, it took my aunt (who worked in a daycare) to make me realize that my severe allergy eyes were actually not the result of too much pollen in the air and not enough antihistamine in my system. No, I had the vile, dreadful pinkeye, most likely due to handling some money from some mouth-breathing idiot who didn’t know how to wipe properly or wash his/her hands afterwards (I was working fast food at the time). Or due to the fact that because of said allergies, I was constantly rubbing my eyes, and not as careful as I should’ve been about washing my hands more frequently.

Still, like the cold I got from my boss (yes, I like tossing that back at him; he just laughs at me), I was hoping that I would’ve escaped the pinkeye the bambino brought home a couple weeks ago. But I suppose, if my immune system’s down because of the cold, and the virus is still hanging out or something, it was just a matter of time. Still, it irks me, just because I was going to take a vacation day on Friday, and now I’m debating on whether or not I’ll still plan on that. I do have a doctor’s appointment that afternoon, so I might nix the full day off, and do half a day or something. I’ll talk to my boss when I get back to work tomorrow. And I know I’m being a huge baby about it…Pinkeye isn’t the end of the world, but when you’ve got a small child running around…I just hope the bambino doesn’t come down with it again!

But since I had the unexpected day off, I got reacquainted with my Kids in the Hall set, since no one else in my house finds it as funny as I do. I started (finally) working on my taxes:

But thanks to our mutual funds and having to calculate cost-basis and when our funds were purchased (which is a huge PITA, as we use an asset-builder that just pulls money out of our savings every month)…I gave up on it for the time being. I feel like crap, and didn’t feel like concentrating and trying to figure it all out. Instead, I popped back out to the store and got something to eat:

I don’t know what it is about instant mashed potatoes, but the last time I got sick with a sore throat, that’s all I wanted.

And that’s all that sounded good for today. That, and some pudding:

I figured that as long as I’m on Weight Watchers, I’ll at least try to follow the plan, even if I’ve got no appetite. What sucks is that I had my whole day planned out as far as what I was going to eat and I had to scrap it all. No matter–As long as I stay within my points right?

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2 Replies to ““Conjunctivitus, what’s your function?””

  1. Laughed so hard at the title of your post today!!!! But on a more serious note, pink eye totally sucks. I picked it up from a WalMart shopping cart about six months ago. Nasty. Hope you feel better soon!

    • The first time I got pinkeye, my sister kept singing that to me! Hopefully the eye drops kick in soon…My eye’s puffy enough it kind of hurts right now! :(

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