“Something changed her mind…”

I promise I’ll try not to harp too much on the Weight Watchers stuff…Yes, it’s probably going to influence a lot of my purchases in the foreseeable future, but I’ll try not to be irritating with it. That being said, I tracked everything I ate Thursday (as well as yesterday), and by Gods, it’s no wonder I’ve packed back on 30+ lbs. in the past 2 years! I basically ate double my daily points allowance on Thursday (I strayed by 3 points Friday). Somehow I still have 7 weekly points to get me through until Tuesday, but dang! I eat WAY too much!

I did a little activity Friday morning–Don’t laugh, but I used to do this all the time when I lived alone. I put on some 80’s tunes, and danced around my living room like I was back at Maxwell’s or Mean Mr. Mustard’s (both bars are gone now) in college. I figure that since I did it for about 30 minutes and broke a sweat, that counts. After I picked up Jay and the bambino, we went for a quick walk, which counted for another activity point. I’m feeling like crap again, and my eye keeps looking like it’s clearing up, then starts to get worse, and I now have enough sinus drainage going on that every 10-15 minutes, I have a coughing fit that leads to me dry-heaving in the bathroom and feeling like I’m choking. It’s fun, lemme tell ya. I haven’t slept in two nights because of it,  my throat feels raw, and my head is pounding from the violence of my coughs. At least my abs are getting an awesome workout.

We’re a little skint this week as far as grocery money goes, so I did a tiny, tiny grocery trip, and just picked up a couple items to get us through until I get paid on Thursday. In the category of “I’m-so-broke-I-can’t-pay-attention,” here’s what approximately $25 will get ya these days:

The lone meat this time. We actually have a bunch of bacon and chicken in the freezer, as well as some bone-in pork chops (I have plans for those, though, once I can do a proper grocery trip). I just need to get a little creative in the meantime, and actually COOK. Expect a bunch of frittatas and simple pastas over the next week.

Everything else, which admittedly ain’t a whole lot. The pretzels (along with a Laughing Cow wedge) will be for my afternoon snack…That’s usually when I crave something salty anyway. I’m thinking the applesauce will be for my morning snack, or part of my lunch, assuming that I don’t need a morning snack. We’ll see, though. This first real week of tracking and staying within points is going to be interesting, to say the least.

I need to bake some bread this evening…I’m in the midst of laundry, and I was going to put it off until tomorrow, but I see we’re supposed to be 86°F tomorrow. I do believe I will try to avoid turning the oven on if I can help it, especially since we’ll drop back to the 50s and 60 for next week. It might be fun to dig the grill out, and marinade some chicken overnight. I’ll have to mention that to Jay–As long as it’s not too windy. In the meantime though, I’ll work on the laundry, and this afternoon, get into this:

Have a great afternoon everyone!

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  1. Well, I don’t believe in the phrase ” I ate WAY too much” but too each his own. I DO believe in your methods of exercise though. Rocking out to 80s tunes burns double the calories. It’s a scientific fact, I swear!

    • I believe you are correct about my methods of exercise. It beats running, although I think I might take that up again one of these days. And really, I don’t think I eat too much, I just eat too much crap. I need to healthify all my baked goods or something. Make ’em all amazeballs or something. ;)

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